Chrome Soft Truvis Technology is a Real Thing & It’s Amazing

By July 20, 2015Miscellaneous

2015 has been an unbelievable year for us in the golf ball category. We kicked off the year with Chrome Soft – the ball that changed the ball and a Hot List superstar – and now we’re proud to announce our newest addition. Please give a warm welcome to  Chrome Soft with Truvis Technology!!

Here’s what you need to know about the new ball in two easy steps:

1) It Has All The Best Features of Chrome Soft

That includes the SoftFast Core (the key to low spin off the tee for exceptional distance), low compression (for incredibly soft feel, especially on iron shots) and excellent control around the green. The performance is great, and Chrome Soft with Truvis Technology really stands out for its….

2) Increased Focus and Visibility

It’s impossible to miss the red and white Truvis pattern on the ball. This pattern is designed to maximize your view of the golf ball. And that’s going to give you better focus and visibility when your standing over it. It truly has a look that’s all its own.


We’re excited to bring out the Chrome Soft with Truvis Technology. It’s in stores now and you can order it online right here at

Golfers are already telling us that they love it:

Which is always great to hear:

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