Great Big Bertha Interactive Fitting (Desktop Only)

By September 4, 2015Featured Products, Video

­­­­­If you just bought a new Great Big Bertha driver and didn’t get fit for it…You’re in luck!

Let us help you select the proper driver shaft

We take you step-by-step through our fitting process to ensure you’re leaving NO YARD BEHIND with your new club. You’ll be prompted to click certain boxes on the video, which will instruct you to make adjustments on your driver. So have your wrench ready!

*PLEASE NOTE: You must use a desktop computer to click annotations. YouTube doesn’t allow annotations to be clicked from a mobile device.



  • rick anderson says:

    love my club…last driver was big berth alpha…have found the right shaft with correct shaft flex and at 63 years old 250 yds feels pretty good……..Mr 63

  • Ken Kreh says:

    I been a Callaway owner of drivers for a long time and have always loved them. I was very fond of my X2 Hot Pro driver last year. I bought the XR Pro at the beginning of the year and quite frankly…..I wish I had my X2 Hot Pro back. I found I was very inconsistent with the XR Pro and was not as straight with it as other Callaway drivers I owned. Well, I got my Big Bertha Driver in yesterday and just got back to from the driving range and all I can say is BOOM! I now have a driver that is going long and straight again. I suggest when buying you go through their custom fitting they have on line to find their recommendation for loft and shaft. It worked very nicely for me. The only adjustment I had to make after hitting it several times was put the bias of the driver towards fade to help me eliminate the left side of the course because at the neutral bias I was missing the center of the fairway towards the left and by moving the bias towards fade I started BOOMING the drivers straight. Even the ones that started left would fade back towards the middle of the fairway because now the bias was towards the fade to help me from hitting to much draw.

    I LOVE this new Big Bertha Driver…..I believe it will be my favorite Callaway driver I ever owned…..and believe me……I owned plenty of them. Way to go Callaway on this new driver.

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