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Chrome Soft Receives Perfect Score In GolfWRX Review

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  1. kevinh5 says:

    So make them less expensive.

    1. A.J. Voelpel A.J. Voelpel says:

      Less expensive and they’ll be free @kevinh5!

      1. kevinh5 says:

        Give me a break. You can sell the super softs for 20 dollars a dozen. I would like to at least see some discounts on these 38 dollar a dozen balls.

  2. Tony S says:

    I’ve played Chrome Soft yellow all season long and recorded one of my longest drives 349 yards … BTW I’m 49 years old.

    1. A.J. Voelpel A.J. Voelpel says:

      Whattttttt. Insane @Tootalltony49:disqus!

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