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Iconic Instructor Hank Haney Joins Callaway Staff

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  1. Golfer Dude says:

    How can you trust Hank after what he did to Tiger.

  2. another round says:

    Be careful Callaway, he will probably write a book about you and then give away your trade secrets.

  3. SD619Native says:

    All this garbage about not being able to trust HH is absurd. He is a well respected golf instructor and helped Tiger achieve great heights and helped him play some of the best golf of his career. I for one am looking forward to seeing how Callaway uses HH to push product via instruction. Welcome to Team Callaway Hank ??

    1. Golfer Dude says:

      He may have helped Tiger to win as you said, but that does not excuse his actions in writing a tell-all book that focused on Tiger’s personal life. Writing that book changed my opinion of HH. See what Butch Harmon said about the book (someone who is still teaching tour players). HH does not in any way help the Callaway brand for me, in fact he does the opposite.

  4. BernardP says:

    I have been susbscribing to Hank Haney’s free video series for a couple of years. Although he is promoting many products as an adjunct, his basic instruction is sound and easy to understand. Contrary to most others with such video series, he is giving a lot of content, not simple teasers designed to make you buy full systems.

  5. #GolfNut says:

    Haney going to Callaway represents how deep seeded the problems at Taylormade golf are. Worst kept secret is now TMAG is for sale.

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