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Apex CF 16 – Apex Pro 16 Combo Set Now Available

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  1. Jeff Kisner says:

    Considering Callaway’s # 1 endorsement uses left handed sticks, you would think that a left handed golfer would be able to take advantage of the combo set as well. Phil….. can you chime in on the discussion?

    1. LeftyBombs13 says:

      Phil pretty please help to get this set available in LH…so want to replace my Apex Pro’s with this gorgeous set makeup!!

  2. Mark Hodgson says:

    Will these be available as singles. I have x prototype utilities in 21 and 24 and an md3 50 so it looks like 6-pw would be the right clubs to fill the gaps.

  3. Christopher Berberet says:

    Will these be available with Recoil graphite options? Specifically Recoil 95?
    Oops…never mind. Got my answer by going to the ordering site! Thanks!

  4. Stone Gossardish says:

    I think we’re finally inching towards a set of Apex Irons that eclipse the ones from the late 80s and early 90s. To date, other than being longer than those, have they ever been better? Probably not. Go hit those old ones and let the feel tell you.

  5. Billy Hayes says:

    I just sold my set of apex irons which consisted of Apex standard irons 4-5-6 and Apex pro 7-8-9-wedge. I know within 1 week just how much I am missing them. I foolishly bought a set of Ping G irons and cannot get on with them. What configuration would you suggest.

    1. A.J. Voelpel A.J. Voelpel says:

      Questionable move Billy! Was there something about the Apex irons that were giving you fits?

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