The Fitting Room EP. 14: Phil Mickelson’s Fitting Secrets

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  1. Nate Warner says:

    Hey guys, great work on the Fitting Room podcast, I’ve been listening to all the back episodes. Anyway after this episode, I was running back through Phil’s WITBs from the past few years, and noticed he always plays a PW-56-60-64, which leaves an unusual/large gap between PW and 56. Do you know if he plays his irons weak a few degrees? It would help with that gap, and also sort of explain why he only plays 5-PW with three hybrids/woods. Or does he just hit a lot of different distances with his PW or 56?

    1. Nathan Adelman says:

      Excellent question Nate. Phil has his PW at 47* and his SW is actually bent to 53.5*. He does this to take away a bit of bounce and close that big gap as you noticed.

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