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[VOTE/COMMENT] Have You Tried New Chrome Soft?

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  1. Peachie says:

    Question. Callaway, what’s the difference between the chrome soft and SR2 which is my ball of choice, and are you fazing it out?

    1. A.J. Voelpel A.J. Voelpel says:

      @disqus_w0f7K2iBEM:disqus Chrome Soft is a much lower compression ball, meaning it’ll feel much softer. It’s much lower spinning off the tee. And I’ll find out about SR2 for ya!

  2. Rick says:

    Bought one sleeve in yellow thursday and was able to use one friday evening. Very pleased with the feel around the green and the distance off the driver was as good as anything i have tried. Now if they hadn’t charged me $4 a ball I’d be in heaven and use them all the time.

    1. A.J. Voelpel A.J. Voelpel says:

      Great to hear it @disqus_gEQ2MP6OWK:disqus! So if you get a dozen, it’ll be less than $4 a golf ball. Just some food for thought!

  3. Steve says:

    Have put the Truvis with the Red design… LOVE’Em… Can’t wait to get a hold of the Yellow ones Next..

    1. A.J. Voelpel A.J. Voelpel says:

      So good Steve! Truvis blowing up!

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