Why Phil Mickelson Plays The XR 16 Sub Zero Driver

It feels like Phil Mickelson has been in contention every time he’s teed it up this year, and his XR 16 Sub Zero Driver has played a big part in that. It’s the best that he’s driven the ball in the long time – those are his words, not ours. He’s averaging almost 300 yards per drive, and he’s hitting more fairways this year.

Great drives lead to more scoring opportunities, and that’s a huge reason why Phil is currently #1 on Tour in scoring average. The Sub Zero is obviously a great fit for him, and it seems like just a matter of time before he picks up a win this year.

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“Phil was certainly part of the motivation for this product,” our head of Woods R&D, Evan Gibbs said. “And with the ultra low CG and moveable weights, we are able to produce the launch he wants without increasing spin, which is something he’s been wanting. And he’s found the ball flight to be extremely stable and consistent.”

Generally speaking, the Sub Zero is for players with high swing speeds who generate excessive spin, and reducing their spin can lead to more distance. Phil is averaging 115 mph clubhead speed this year, so he obviously fits into this category, as does every Tour player for that matter.

It’s no surprise that this driver is well suited for the world’s best players. It’s doing wonders for Phil, it’s going to be a huge asset for him at Augusta, and if you’re a high swing speed player, it can help you pick up more distance too.

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