6 Things Danny Willett Said About His Callaway Golf Clubs

Danny Willett plays all Callaway clubs and a Callaway ball in the bag, and he wants everyone to know it! On the heels of his major win at Augusta, Danny talked about his equipment and working with our Tour Team in new interviews with Golf Digest, PGATour.com, and Golf.com.


These are six of our favorite quotes that Danny shared:

On testing drivers: “You tend to look at the numbers for your spin rates and stuff, because you can’t quite see that with the naked eye. But then I kind of go by old-school ball flight rules. If I swing this way, is the driver going to do what I want it to do? And it doesn’t take many balls to realize whether it can or can’t.”

“My clubs have to be quite specific to my eye, which is why the guys you work with have to know exactly what I want to look at.”

“I started testing (the XR 16) Driver at the end of last year…What put it over the top was the ball speed was better and I was able to control my ball flight. I did a lot of testing with it, but it really didn’t take long to realize it was going to be my new driver.”

“I’d say my (XR 16) Driver, (Odyssey Versa #1 Wide) Putter, and lob wedge were the most important clubs in the bag (at Augusta).”

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“I decided to add the (XR 16) 5-wood for Augusta because it flies a bit higher and lands softer..and is also easier to draw. A lot of the tee shots call for a draw so I thought it might come in handy and the 5-wood is also more useful for hitting into par-5s.”

“The guys at Callaway who work on my equipment are mostly former players and they really know how to build clubs that look and feel the way I want.”

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