The Fitting Room Podcast: 3-Part Club Tinkering Series

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  1. Bill Wilson says:

    Do you need to make all the irons the same lie angle or should you adjust each iron separately. I just got the new Apex CF16’s and found that my longer irons are leaking to the right slightly where as my shorter irons are leaking to the left. Please advise
    Bill Wilson

    1. Nathan Adelman says:

      Hi Bill! Excellent question. In my opinion, and also in Phil Mickelson’s opinion (listen here: http://cmp.callawaygolf.com/2016/02/10/phil-mickelsons-fitting-secrets-the-fitting-room-podcast/), you should treat each club individually. In your case, whichever iron is going too far right, bump a degree upright, and whichever iron is going left, knock 1* flat. No need to be too hung up on staying consistent relative to the standard lie angles.

      1. Bill Wilson says:

        Thanks Nathan
        I had forgot to mention when I was fitted I had Callaway make them all 2* flat. So what I will do now is tinker with them and adjust were needed.

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