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Setting the Record Straight: XR Irons Are LONGER Than M2 Irons

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  1. Nate Kavars says:

    I don’t know how well the face off would go, as I am already gaming Apex CF16s! I will say that the cup face technology is legit, and the long irons in this set are sneaky. Based on their appearance there is no way they should be this easy to launch, especially on thin shots, but they just flat out perform. I am averaging about 4-5 yards more per club than my old distance irons (rocketbladez), while having a sleaker and better sounding/feeling iron that rivals the looks of a players’ iron. I am beyond impressed with these.

  2. rpine says:

    i’ll put my adams xtd cross cavities against them for money

    1. rickf178 says:

      How much money?

      1. rpine says:

        couple of hundred

  3. Cindy Weaver says:

    Bought the new XR irons and hybrids at the PGA store a couple of weeks ago – and absolutely love them!!

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