[Promotion] Customize Your Chrome Soft Golf Balls for Free

Now through June, 30th, we’re offering free personalization on our new Chrome Soft Golf Balls (white and yellow) on callawaygolf.com and retail stores across the country.

What does a personalization entail? Well there’s a lot of options so we’ll count them off (you can also mess around with it here)…

  • Your message can be in one of four colors to choose from: black, red, blue and green.
  • Your message can be as many as three lines (20 characters per line), so haikus are still in play.
  • Symbols allowed include: ., !, @, #, $, ?, and :
  • Two brand new features include a target line & straight line (with your initials in between. See below for more on that).
  • You can also customize the number (0-99). *Additional cost may be applied.

ORDER NOW | Personalized Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Whether it’s a gift for a friend’s bachelor/bachelorette party, funny line from your favorite movie, or heck, maybe you’re just a big fan of sizzling fajitas like our friend Ross Bolen here. Get creative, have some fun and don’t forget to tweet and Instagram us a photo of your personalized Chrome Soft golf balls!

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