MD3 Milled Gold Nickel Wedges: 5 Things You Need To Know

The new MD3 Milled Gold Nickel Wedges are built to help you get up and down from everywhere around the green, and they feature our new gold nickel plating. Here are the 5 things you need to know about these wedges.

1. The Versatility You Expect From MD3

The Gold Nickel has our most versatile wedge grind (the S-Grind). It’s exactly what you need to play aggressively on all the flop, chip, pitch or bunker shots that you’ll face out on the course.

2. The Right Grooves 

We’ve engineered our Progressive Groove Optimization, a 3 groove package that optimizes spin as you go up in loft, so you get the right amount of spin off your pitching wedge, your sand wedge, and your lob wedge.

3. Advanced Shaping From Roger Cleveland

Our legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland received extensive input from Tour players, and he used their feedback to craft the toe profile, sole and grinds.

MD3 Milled Gold Nickel Wedges: Specs | Pricing | Retail Locator

4. The Finish

This is the first time we’ve used gold nickel plating on a wedge, and it provides soft feel and a clean appearance for a refined look that compliments all this great technology.

5. Specs and Details

The MD3 Gold Nickel line will be available July 1st, in lofts of 50*, 52*, 56*, 58* and 60* for right-handed players only (sorry lefties, we love you too), at a price of $129.99.

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