The new Chrome Soft ball with Truvis technology is the REAL DEAL, folks. The unique Truvis pattern maximizes your view of the ball while increasing focus and visibility, and it also provides incredible spin feedback when chipping and putting. These golf balls are in such high demand right now that we literally cannot make them fast enough at our golf ball plant in Chicopee, Mass.

GIFs: Here’s How The New Chrome Soft Ball Is Created

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what actual golfers around the world have to say…

First practice with my new Truvis ball's. #callawaygolf #truvis #golffi #mackdaddy3 #golf

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Testing around with new toys never gets old! #callaway #chromesoft #truvis #odyssey #marxmanfang

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Almost scored a goal (#HoleInOne) from 191 yards today. #GolfIsHard #NewChromeSoft #Truvis #SoccerMeetsGolf @callawaygolf

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