We’re guessing there are gonna be a few questions about our newest, coolest product initiative, Callaway Customs. In an effort to be as helpful as possible, we put together this list of what we think will be the most common questions.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, hit us up on Twitter, this Callaway Community thread, or the comments below and we’ll be sure to help you out.

Q: I see there are a lot of color options…so what are they?
A: Paint fill options include: blue, baby blue, yellow, lime green, dark green, gold, red, orange, black gloss, white, pink, and purple.
Weight ports options include: blue, yellow, green, dark green, red, orange, silver, black gloss.

Q: What are the stamping options?
A: Okay ready [deep inhale]…A-Z, “.” “!” “@” “#” “$” “?” “ ‘ “ “:” 0-9, heart, skull and cross bones, dollar sign, star, four leaf clover, and lightning bolt. [Exhale.]

Q: I need some inspiration, can you help me out?

Q: Is Callaway Customs left-handed friendly?
A: Lefties rejoice, you can customize all the wedges your heart desires!

Q: What lofts/grinds/finishes are available?
A: ALL that are offered commercially.

Q: Can I also choose a custom grip?
A: Heck yes. Over 50 options too.

Q: Can I choose a custom shaft?
A: Damn right. A plethora of wedge specific shafts are available, including True Temper, KBS, Nippon and UST.

Q: I want to show my wedges off immediately…How long do I have to wait to get them?
A: Expect your Customs box to arrive between 1-2 weeks.

Q: If I live outside of the United States or Canada, is Callaway Customs available to me?
A: Unfortunately not at the moment. We’ll update if anything changes.

Q: I want 3 wedges, do they have to be all the same? Is there an easy way to make all 3 the same? Can I make them different?
A: No, Yes, Yes.

A: Can I share my design socially?
Q: Not only can you but it’s HIGHLY encouraged. You’ll see share buttons after your wedge is finalized.

Here’s a video demonstrating the capabilities of Callaway Customs & to get you pumped to start creating: