The Pirate ShipShow EP. 27 – The Guy In Charge of Callaway Sales

Callaway’s sales force has had an unbelievably successful year, and they’ve had a lot of fun doing it. This week, they are all out in San Diego for our National Sales Meeting, and if you think that would be a quiet event, just know that some of our past meetings have included mosh pits, elephants and a lot of madness.

Glenn Hickey, our SVP of North American Sales, has seen it all in his 20+ years with Callaway, and he’s on the Pirate Pod to tell us:

– His favorite stories from previous years
– What it takes to put on a meeting of this size
– Why it’s so important to get the full sales force in one place

**Life on the Pirate Ship is a twice-weekly podcast series hosted by our SVP of Marketing, Harry Arnett, and CMP Correspondent, Amanda Balionis, and takes you inside the innovative world of the Callaway marketing team (AKA the Zoo Crew). You can expect special guests (i.e. Tour pros, members of the golf media) and/or a member of the Zoo Crew on each episode.

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