(Updated Friday, Dec. 16): Thanks everyone for taking the time to bid on the Gold Rush wedges. Stay tuned in January for our next Tour Limited sale! 

As part of Callaway Customs, our awesome new product initiative that launched in October, we’re giving golfers an additional custom option called Tour Limited.

Every month, our expert wedge craftsman Anthony Taranto will design and produce a set of three unique wedges that will be available for purchase. And to give everyone a fair shot, we’re blind auctioning them away. In September, we tested this Tour Limited blind auction format with three wedges inspired by the Ryder Cup. In November, we received 79 bids on these incredible comic book wedges.

Since it’s the holiday season, Taranto decided to go with MD3 Milled Gold Nickel wedges. He buffed each to a fine shine then precisely circled stamped them with a variety of sizes. You’ll notice a unique pattern on the 56° & 60° wedges, where Taranto hammered a small circle stamp repeatedly to create a really cool look.

You will have until Dec. 15, 2016 (5 p.m. EST) to place your bid. More details on the wedges below:

Wedge Lofts & Grinds
– 52° S-Grind
– 56° S-Grind
– 60° S-Grind

– True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue Black

– 360 Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Here are a few photos to whet your appetite…