4 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Try New Supersoft Golf Balls

Wanna know how to easily get someone’s attention at Callaway HQ? Mention the word Supersoft. Employees will stop what they’re doing and stand at attention like it’s a military drill. It’s one of the most beloved products we make (don’t worry Chrome Soft, we love you equally as much) so you can imagine how excited (think Clemson fans during final seconds of the National Championship this year) we are to introduce the new version to golfers all over the world.

Here are four reasons why you’re going to want to try these out…

1. New Softer Cover – Golfers will notice an increase in greenside control thanks to the new Tri-ionomer cover formulation. That also means better feel around the green and more shot-stopping wedge spin.

2. Increased Accuracy & Faster Ball Speeds  – The new ultra-low compression core is designed to maximize your ball speed and lower spin for longer, straighter flight on full shots.

3. More Distance, Obviously – We’re still trying to perfect our HEX Aerodynamics and we think we’re up to something with this new low-drag version. It features more refined surface contours that reduces drag and enhances lift for increased carry and longer distance.

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4. COLORS! – One of the most desirable features of Supersoft that we hear from golfers are the color options. The 2017 version won’t be any different. We’ll offer them in the multi-color pack (blue, yellow, orange, white), as well as yellow and pink by the dozen.

New Supersoft will be available online and at retails stores on 1/20 for $21.99.

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