What’s the Difference? Chrome Soft vs. Chrome Soft X

With the launch of our new Chrome Soft X golf ball, we’re sure golfers are going to have plenty of questions in regards to which ball they should play. Whether you’re a Chrome Soft purist or trying it for the first time (if so, then welcome…and you’re welcome), hopefully these bullets will steer you in the right direction.

Of course if you have any questions at all on Chrome Soft (or any Callaway ball for that matter), make sure you search and/or create a thread on the Callaway Community (it never sleeps). You can also hit up our guy our Jason Finley, global director of product strategy for golf ball, on Twitter (we don’t think he sleeps either).

Chrome Soft vs. Chrome Soft X

Performance Chrome Soft X Chrome Soft 
Distance Long Long
Feel Soft Softer
Flight Piercing & Workable High & Straight
Greenside Control High Degree High Degree


Just to reiterate, Chrome Soft X will have a firmer feel, more spin through the middle part of the bag for workability and a more piercing trajectory.

If you play Chrome Soft Truvis but want to switch over to the X, there will be a Chrome Soft X Truvis ball available in the spring. (Come on, you think we’d leave you hanging?)

Speaking of Finley, here he is to talk more about the X…

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