Featured Epic Review: ‘The Performance Has Been Remarkable’

Editor’s Note: Shannon D. was invited to Callaway HQ for an event with a group of golfers from the online forum The Hackers Paradise and received an Epic driver as part of the event. 

Date Tested:

12/5/16 – Present

Model Tested:

Great Big Bertha EPIC Sub Zero Driver

Handicap Index:


Testing Conditions:

I’ve tested on the ECPC (Ely Callaway Performance Center) range, ideal course conditions at The Hideaway (70 degrees, sunny, light breeze), sub-optimal course conditions (soft / spongy fairways, 20+MPH wind), and my home range.

Driver Swing Speed:

110 MPH +

Driver Loft:


Club Characteristics (1=Very poor, 10=Outstanding)









Easy and Effective Adjustability



I found the aesthetics and appearance of the club very pleasing. The single layer carbon top trimmed with Epic green and traditional shape setup very well to my eye. The sound of the club is very nice all the way across the club face. The feel of the club stood out the most with even toe hits feeling solid. Center face contact made me feel like I just mashed the ball which is good. I’m familiar with the Callaway hosel adjustments and I have not touched the weight location based on what my fitter at ECPC recommended.

Performance OFF THE TEE (1=Very poor, 10=Outstanding)



DISTANCE compared to current driver


FORGIVENESS compared to current driver


CONTROL compared to current driver


LAUNCH CHARACTERISTICS compared to current driver



On average, I would say I have gained between 5-8 yards on a consistent basis. This ties in with forgiveness in my opinion. I have gamed the XR Sub Zero and 816 DBD in the past year and neither offered the forgiveness this Epic Sub Zero has. I have a high swing speed, averaging 116 and sometimes hitting 120-123. A toe hit, my miss, on the 816 meant I lost 20 yards off of my drive, sometimes more. I played last week and had a toe hit that carried 285 or so. That would not have happened with my previous drivers. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I crushed one center face during the same round and drove a green that was 340 at the front edge. I find the driver easy to control when I’m swinging well and can consistently hit a draw or a baby fade depending on what I want. Again, all of this is dependent on me, not the driver…the club isn’t the limitation. The launch is more boring, more penetrating than my other drivers. I realize this is in part due to the shaft / head combination but I am seeing optimal spin numbers with a trajectory I like and my ball isn’t falling out of the sky.



Predictable distance off the tee, even with mishits. Sub Zero version is much more forgiving than XR Sub Zero. Consistently good feel and sound across the club face. Aesthetically beautiful and very durable finish.


I don’t have 2 more stashed in the closet.

Summary of My Experience with the Club:

I went into the Grandaddy Event hoping to just hit the driver. I didn’t have a great driver swing during my fitting due to nerves but my fitter nailed it. Once I returned home to Georgia I put it in play and the performance has been remarkable. I’ve always been a long hitter but this gives me much more confidence to put it in the fairway and score versus just hitting it hard and praying it hits the fairway. I’m very, very happy with the Epic SZ.

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