The Pirate ShipShow EP. 87 – Adam Rapoport From Bon Appétit

As the editor-in-chief of Bon Appétit, Adam Rapoport knows a lot about food. And when he’s not thinking about his day job, he’s focused on golf.

Adam is a great friend of the ShipShow, and we’re lucky to have him on to discuss:

(1:05) – Reaction to Wesley Bryan’s win
(3:35) – Why Wesley deserves a Taco Bell endorsement
(4:50) – Thoughts on Wesley’s new tartan jacket
(6:55) – What Adam thought of Wesley’s pants
(9:52) – The golf season starting in the northwest
(10:51) – Golfing during the work week
(15:16) – Adam’s TopGolf Vegas experience
(20:18) – What he would serve at The Masters Champions’ Dinner
(25:22) – Adam’s summer golf plans

**The PirateShip Show is a 3x weekly podcast series hosted by our SVP of Marketing, Harry Arnett, and CMP Correspondent, Amanda Balionis, and takes you inside the innovative world of the Callaway marketing team (AKA the Zoo Crew). You can expect special guests (i.e. Tour pros, members of the golf media) and/or a member of the Zoo Crew on each episode.