The Pirate ShipShow EP. 88 – Golf Ball Research Director Rock Ishii

No brand has been more innovative in the golf ball category of late than Callaway, and in December our golf ball division got even stronger in November when Hideyuki “Rock” Ishii as Sr. Director, Advanced Golf Ball Research.

To date, 25 major championships have been won by athletes who Ishii worked with on golf ball design and fitting. We’re happy to have Rock on the Show to discuss:

(1:35) The amazing driver share for GBB Epic
(2:50) The fitting results we’ve seen with Epic
(4:30) Our golf ball share is strong
(8:33) How the golf ball has evolved over time)
(9:50) How Rock got into golf ball design
(11:54) Remembering the Rule 35 Golf Ball
(12:22) How he works with Tour players on their golf balls
(14:27) How we optimize ball speed and greenside control
(17:25) The importance of nanotechnology
(19:42) What excites him about the future

**The PirateShip Show is a 3x weekly podcast series hosted by our SVP of Marketing, Harry Arnett, and CMP Correspondent, Amanda Balionis, and takes you inside the innovative world of the Callaway marketing team (AKA the Zoo Crew). You can expect special guests (i.e. Tour pros, members of the golf media) and/or a member of the Zoo Crew on each episode.

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