6 Things We Learned From Our Time With Kiradech Aphibarnrat

We didn’t know much about 3-time European Tour winner Kiradech Aphibarnrat when we travelled with VICE Sports to film him in his homeland of Bangkok, Thailand. We heard rumblings about a fascination for sneakers and fast cars. He had our attention.

Fortunately for us (and golf fans everywhere), we found out a whole lot more about the underground golf legend when the video dropped. Here are six things we learned…

1. Kiradech is confident (:11)

Kiradech bought his first exotic car for $150k when he only had $15k in the bank with the confidence that he would make enough money on tour in the three months following to pay it off, and he did.

2. He’s a dog lover (2:13)

Kiradech has two lovable Pomeranians named Putter and Champion. I can’t help but think these are the perfect dog for a lavish character like Kiradech.

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3. He really loves cartoon art (2:29)

Kiradech’s favorite piece of art is a portrait designed by his auntie of him, his wife, his car and his golf bag. His logo is also a cartoon. Kiradech is the best.

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4. He owns over 30 pairs of bootleg Yeezy sneakers (2:58)

Kiradech has a custom trunk (which he designed) full of Yeezy sneakers and is a huge fan of anything limited. He also knows lives by the familiar motto “happy wife, happy life” and bought his wife a few pairs to match his own. (We estimate his collection to be worth more than $60k!)

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5. Kiradech didn’t exactly love school (4:15)

Kiradech’s father used to take him golfing while he was supposed to be at school. There were even times where he could pass his homework off to someone else, just as long as he was hitting balls instead.

6. Kiradech takes care of his own (6:49)

Kiradech bought the driver range where he learned to play (from his late golf coach) and gave it to his father. He also hands over event earnings directly to his mom and wife

Check out the entire video below…