Epic Aces on Par 4s Are Becoming Too Common

For some reason, golfers using Epic drivers can’t stop making holes-in-one on par 4s and it’s getting kind of ridiculous.

We first heard about this phenomenon a little more than a month ago when our friend Chris Solomon (one of the founders of @NoLayingUp) notched the first ace of his life over in Scotland on a legit par 4 using a GBB Epic driver (9°) and Chrome Soft golf ball.

Here’s video evidence…

The trend continued when one of Callaway’s own, Johnny Rodriguez, recorded his first hole-in-one with his Epic (10.5°) and Chrome Soft ball.

Callaway Twitter follower Travis Jenkins took it one step further and actually topped Chris and Johnny, acing a 366 yard par 4 with his Epic!

Make of this trend what you will, but there’s no denying one thing: epic things are happening with Epic drivers.

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Callaway staffer and all around good guy George Bryan made the THIRD ace of his career on Thursday. Though it wasn’t on a par 4, it was still very timely and with a Chrome Soft so good on you George!