Epic Dominates LPGA Driver Count, Callaway Wins FWY, Hybrid & Iron Counts

By July 28, 2017Headlines, Tour News

They really love our equipment on the LPGA Tour. This week at the Ladies Scottish Open, Callaway is the #1 Driver, #1 Fairway Wood, #1 Hybrid, and #1 Iron, and Odyssey is the #1 Putter. And most of these LPGA pros are non-staffers who choose to play our equipment. Here are some of the most staggering numbers from the event:

44 GBB Epic Drivers – That’s 10 more drivers than any other BRAND has this week

105 – The number of Callaway Fairway Woods in play, led by Epic and Steelhead XR

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68-28: The putter count for Odyssey and the #2 putter brand, respectively

Of course, our LPGA Tour numbers reflect what’s happening at retail, where Callaway is the #1 Driver brand (and Epic is the #1 selling driver model in the US), the #1 Fairway Wood brand, #1 Hybrid brand, and #1 Iron brand.

And if you’re looking for a player to root for this weekend, Callaway staffer Michelle Wie is in the mix. She’s one of the biggest stars on the LPGA Tour, and we collaborated with Vice Sports to showcase her awesome personality. Check it out!