The Pirate ShipShow EP. 122 – Grayson Murray On His 1st Tour Win

Grayson Murray’s life changed on Sunday when he closed out his first PGA Tour win at the Barbasol Championship, and now he’s calling in to the ShipShow to tell us:

– (1:35) How Grayson has done things his own way
– (2:36)Why he’s been successful in his rookie year
– (3:50) How the Callaway Tour Team has dialed in his equipment
– (5:25) How the Tour Team tracks Grayson’s stats
– (8:00) What it means to him to be a PGA Tour winner
– (9:08) The confidence he has after winning
– (10:32) How his driver (310 yard average) played a big role in his win
– (11:56) How he kept his nerves in check on the last few holes
– (13:25) If he would change anything about his rookie year
– (16:28) What he did to celebrate

**The PirateShip Show is a 3x weekly podcast series hosted by our SVP of Marketing, Harry Arnett, and CMP Correspondent, Amanda Balionis, and takes you inside the innovative world of the Callaway marketing team (AKA the Zoo Crew). You can expect special guests (i.e. Tour pros, members of the golf media) and/or a member of the Zoo Crew on each episode.

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