What’s in the Bag? – Phil Mickelson at the 2017 Open

Phil Mickelson may just be the best links player in the world, after everything he’s done the past few years. From his historic finish at Muirfield in 2013, to his thrilling walk-off win at the Scottish Open, and his amazing showdown with Henrik Stenson last year, Lefty has simply been on a different level across the pond.

He can play all the shots, he’s happy to play with clear skies or howling wind, and he’s one of the players to watch this week at Royal Birkdale.
Here are the clubs he has in the bag heading into the Open Championship…
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Phil said on Tuesday that he would not need a driver this week on the short layout, and he will instead play a strong 3-wood (more on that in a moment). He has been playing a GBB Epic Sub Zero, and of course Epic has been the #1 selling driver in the U.S. every single month this year, per Golf Datatech. His gamer features a Project X HZRDUS Shaft with a 6.5 flex.
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X Hot 3Deep (13°)

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Due to the short layout this week, Phil is putting in the X Hot 3Deep Fairway Wood that he used to win the 2013 Open Championship at Muirfield with a legendary Sunday finish. So he has some pretty good memories with this club. The X Hot line introduced our revolutionary Hyper Speed Face Cup (originally called the Speed Frame Face, which helps to increase ball speed across the face. The Hyper Speed Face Cup has helped us become the #1 Fairway Wood in Golf, and is currently in our Epic FWY lineup.

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Apex CF 16 (3-iron) and Epic 3-iron

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Phil plans on carrying a strong Epic 3-iron this week and his Apex 3-iron.

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Epic Pro Irons (4-5)

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Phil first put his Epic Pro 4-iron and 5-iron in play at The Greenbrier. He particularly likes the combination of launch, ball speed and forgiveness in a player’s iron.

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A Chrome Soft Golf Ball

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Phil was one of the first staffers to put Chrome Soft into play in 2015. He raves about how low spinning it is off the tee and how well he’s able to control it with his wedges.
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X Forged ’13 Irons

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Mack Daddy PM-Grind (56° | 60° | 64°)

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Phil co-designed the PM-Grind wedges (hence the name) with legendary club designer Roger Cleveland. They’ve been in his bag since 2015.
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Odyssey Versa #9 W/ Microhinge

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In testing the Microhinge insert, Phil said that it was the easiest transition he’s ever had into a new gamer, and that the insert provided a softer feel and better roll.
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