What’s In The Bag? – Josh Rackley Wins 102nd Met Open

By August 25, 2017Headlines, Tour News

Editor’s Note: In case you’re unfamiliar, the Met Open is the second oldest “Open” championship in the United States. It’s conducted by the Metropolitan Golf Association (based in Elmsford, N.Y.) and boasts winners with names like Gene Sarazen, Byron Nelson, Walter Hagen, and a number of the best pros and amateurs ever to come out of the Metropolitan Area. This year was the first time Callaway was the presenting sponsor of the historic championship.


Though this is his first Met Open victory, if you ask 27-year-old Josh Rackley how many he’s won, he might tell you two. Why is that? In 2016 at Glen Oaks (where they’re playing the Northern Trust Open this week), Rackley was on the bag for his boss, Tam O’Shanter Head Pro and longtime Callaway Master Staffer, Mark Brown, when he won his third Met Open.
“He showed me how to play without fear, and how to win this golf tournament,” said Rackley. “That’s what puts the biggest smile on my face. We get to keep the trophy at Tam. I told the members all week that as long as one of us wins, we’ll be happy.”
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Using all Callaway clubs including an Epic driver and a Chrome Soft X ball, Rackley, a Wilmington, N.C. native, held off a plethora of accomplished players to finish the 54-hole competition at 6-under and two shots clear at the perfectly conditioned Hollywood Golf Club in Deal, N.J. It was the biggest win yet for Rackley, who’s an assistant at Tam O’Shanter on Long Island.
“My driver has been great all week—great for a few months now—so I put a lot of my faith into that and just tried to hit fairways,” Rackley said.
Here are the clubs the young pro used to get it done…
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GBB Epic (9°)

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Chrome Soft X

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GBB Epic Sub Zero (15°)

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X2 Hot  (20°)

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Apex Pro (4 -PW)

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Mack Daddy Forged (50° | 53° | 60°)

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Odyssey O-Works #1 Wide (32″)

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