The Pirate ShipShow EP. 143 – Scott Goryl On Golf Lives Part 3

Scott Goryl is the man who brings our Golf Lives series to life, and as we get ready to air Part 3 this week, he joins us on the ShipShow to discuss:

(0:20) Colin Montgomerie’s big Champions Tour win
(2:11) Remembering Part 1 with Scarface
(3:25) Why Golf Lives is so entertaining
(7:06) Why we are always trying new things with content
(8:10) How we decided to feature Arian Foster and Scarface
(11:05) The positives that come from working with Vice
(14:05) The feedback we’ve received for this series
(15:45) How this series connects golfers
(17:30) Who Scott would want to play with if he could choose anybody