We owe Phil.

We owe him for all the entertainment and emotions he’s delivered the last 25-plus years in majors. The euphoria in 2004. The heartache in 2006. The countless “HOW the HECK DID HE DO THAT?” moments. The countless “WHY THE HECK DID HE DO THAT!” moments. This is a page to celebrate all of that.

Interact with it. Use #Phil100 and share your favorite major Phil moments. Click on things.

And hope like crazy he gives us another 100.

Some of these numbers are so unbelievable they might cause you to question our research. But you can trust us…we’re professional marketers.

Share your favorite Phil moments. 

Favorite Phil Moment:

“My favorite memory of Phil was a couple of years ago at Quail Hollow where this weeks PGA is being held. I was a volunteer at the clubhouse and when Phil finished his round he had to sign his card. He told those waiting that he’d be back. 10-15 minutes later he came back out and started signing…….kids first then Mom’s and Dad’s. He stayed until they were all signed…..must have been an hour. Many happy fans that day including this guy!”

Bob Norton | Facebook

Favorite Phil Moment:

“Winged Foot 72ND hole, hospitality tent roof,double bogey! Love the go for broke attitude! Favorite player, hands down! #Phil100 Total Hero”

DeschampsTory | Twitter

Favorite Phil Moment:

“My Phil moment was at the British Open at Royal Birkdale, UK, on Friday, July 21, 2017. He was walking off the 15th Hole to the 16th when I called to him, “Hi, Phil, from Saratoga, NY!” He was gracious, said hello back, and gave me a low five. I think that he was happy to hear from a Yank from across the pond!!”

Patricia Neiswender | Facebook

Favorite Phil Moment:

“Mine was actually watching Phil and Henrik battle at Troon last year. It was first time in a while we saw 2 guys so far and beyond the competition and go back and forth!”

alexlince17 | Instagram

Favorite Phil Moment:

“When I met Phil at Augusta National the week that he won. I wished him luck, he signed my flag and looked me right in the eye….”Thanks. Thanks very much,” he said. Great guy.”

lodadm | Instagram

Favorite Phil Moment:

“#Phil100 His first masters win”

SharonJDavis3 | Twitter

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