About Distance Lab

Callaway and Red Bull Media House are bridging the gap between action sports and golf. This three-part series features renowned golf instructor Hank Haney teaching three non-traditional sports athletes to hit a golf ball farther than they ever imagined.

Episode 1: Crushing Drives Off A Mountainside

In Ep.1, Hank Haney meets the three athletes and observes them hitting drives on top of Mt. Waterman to get a sense of their games. After seeing one of the guy’s swings, Haney says, “we can always send out a search party.” There was room for improvement, to say the least.

Episode 2: The Physics Behind a Perfect Drive

In Ep.2, the athletes visit Callaway’s Distance Lab to analyze impact characteristics and get a baseline reading of their swings. Hank and his team gather data to help increase distance, and the athletes added speed and forgiveness when they receive new XR 16 Drivers.

Episode 3: Elite Athletes Put Their Long Drive Skills to the Test

In the final episode, it was competition day to see who had the most impressive improvement. The athlete that took home the crown maxed out his club head speed higher than an average PGA Tour pro (120 mph).

Bonus: Behind-The-Scenes

Check out what it took to make Distance Lab, with interviews from all three Red Bull athletes and Hank Haney.


Steel Lafferty

Age: 24

Sport: Wakeboarding

Corey Bohan

Age: 32

Sport: BMX

Alex Midler

Age: 18

Sport: Skateboarding

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