It’s Golf Season! And We’ve Got Pictures To Prove It!

By May 16, 2013Product News

We can’t speak for everyone since Callaway Headquarters is located by the beach in Carlsbad, Ca but with the weather warming up and the sun coming out it feels like golf season. You don’t even have to be on the range or the course to understand, if you’re a golfer it’s almost instinctive.

We know it’s that time of year where we can tee it up for 36 holes, practice all afternoon, or play until sundown. The calendar and the forecast are in our favor, for most people around the country anyway, and it certainly feels good.

If you’re reading this right now chances are you’re sitting in an office or at your house. You’ve taken the time to visit our website and click on this article, so you’re obviously thinking about golf.

And since you can’t pull the clubs out right now, we’ve got a few awesome pictures to get you motivated and excited for your next afternoon 9 or medium bucket. You’re welcome.

Anyone Up For A Quick 18? 

Our social media guru @hashtagchad snapped this photo last weekend when he played with a few members on our Marketing #ZooCrew Team. If this isn’t the perfect way to spend a free afternoon, we’d like to know what is.

The course wasn’t packed so they got around in less than four hours. Without getting too hokey, this picture sums up what golf’s all about. No cell phones, no email; just you, the course, and a few good friends. That’s a hard combination to beat.


RAZR Fit Xtreme Looks Good In The Sun 

Chad also got an up close shot of the RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver and the new HEX Chrome+ Golf Ball during one of his rounds. Again, this is what San Diego County looks like in the middle of May.

Not a cloud in the sky and perfect conditions to play at any time of the day. Right now everyone who’s dealing with tough weather is rolling their eyes. Hang in there, guys! Golf season’s coming and it’s coming on strong!

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