X Hot Pro Leads Callaway Hybrids On Tour

X Hot Pro Hybrids have been Callaway’s #1 Hybrid on the PGA Tour since they debuted earlier this year, and that #1 spot isn’t changing any time soon. A quick look at the year-to-date PGA Tour stats shows that X Hot Pro is our top hybrid by 2.5 times over our #2 hybrid.

Yes, you read that right, it’s been put in play 2.5 times as much as our second most popular option. As our Tour Team explains, Callaway Staff Pros have turned to X Hot Pro again and again for its combination of distance and versatility.

“The contrast of head and face color is very appealing at the address position,” says our Callaway PGA Tour Rep Mike Sposa. “They are very easy to hit high, soft shots.” If you look at the equipment surveys at Tour events, hybrids have become a must-have for Pros who need an accurate, easy-to-hit club from virtually any lie. They’re a dynamic option for our staffers, and any golfer for that matter.

“The faces are hotter, the sole’s designed for versatility, and they’re just all around great performers,” says Luke Williams, our Sr. Global Director of Wood and Irons, when talking about X Hot and X Hot Pro Hybrids.

“We’ve got a wide range of lofts to cover anyone’s needs…(but) you don’t have to be an actual Pro to play the X Hot Pro model…It’s a rocket. It’s a bomber.”

Both models are configured for distance, with a Speed Frame Face for faster ball speeds and Modern Warbird Sole for versatility from everywhere.

Matt Haneline, our Associate Marketing Manager, has seen how well X Hot Hybrids perform during custom fittings. “The ball launches off the club super high, which for what you’re trying to use this club for, hitting it into greens, hitting it out of the rough, being able to have something with very little loft on it that launches it high, is great,” Haneline says. “And with the ball speeds, the launch conditions, the ball comes off the face super hot with very little spin.”


We’re not surprised that X Hot Pro is our #1 Hybrid on the PGA Tour, especially after X Hot was voted the category performance leader for hybrids in the 2013 Golf Digest Hot List. X Hot earned a 5-star rating for performance and, as you may have guessed, was recognized for its distance and versatility.

We had plenty of great Hot List quotes to choose from, and this one really summed it up well. “I tried to mis-hit a few,” said one panelist. “But either there’s a huge sweet spot, or I just couldn’t miss. I’m thinking it’s the sweet spot.”


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