HEX Chrome+, HEX Hot and HEX Black Tour Win Hot List Gold Medals

By June 16, 2013Product News

The HEX Chrome family, HEX Hot family, and HEX Black Tour each won gold medals and led the charge for Callaway Golf Balls in Golf Digest’s new 2013 Golf Ball Hot List Edition.

While HEX Chrome+ was recognized for its 4-piece performance and dual core construction, the HEX Hot offerings earned praise for their fast ball speeds, and HEX Black Tour stood out for its well-rounded 5-piece design.

We’ve seen the performance for both these golf balls on Tour and heard tremendous feedback from players like you who use them on the course. Now the Golf Digest equipment team has gone to great lengths to give the full details on our golf balls.

Here’s what they had to say:1HEX Chrome+

Gold Medal Winner

Tech Talk From Golf Digest: “The 4-piece Chrome+ has a soft inner mantle that activates the dual core for added speed…(and) a thermoplastic urethane cover for spin around the greens.”

Their Verdict:

“Tour worthy…Chrome+ is designed for faster swing speeds”


2HEX Chrome

Gold Medal Winner

Tech Talk From Golf Digest: “The 3-piece Chrome has a low compression core for increased driver ball speed, and… a thermoplastic urethane cover for spin around the greens.”

Their Verdict:

“Tour worthy…Chrome is for average swing speeds”


3HEX Hot

Gold Medal Winner

Tech Talk From Golf Digest: “The HEX Hot has a soft and thin Surlyn mantle that is designed to increase ball speed.”

Their Verdict:

“The HEX Hot is designed for maximum ball speed”


4HEX Hot Pro

Gold Medal Winner

Tech Talk From Golf Digest:  “The HEX Hot Pro has a soft but fast ionomer mantle that lowers spin.”

Their Verdict:

“The HEX Hot Pro offers more feel around the green.”




5HEX Black Tour

Gold Medal Winner

Tech Talk From Golf Digest: “The soft inner core and firm outer core have a wide compression difference to yield lower spin on tee shots and more spin on wedge shots…The cover is slightly thicker than previous Callaway Tour balls for enhanced feel.”

Their Verdict:

“A well-executed combination of technologies answering all questions good players have.”



Now we want to hear from you…which of these golf balls have you played? And what can you tell us after playing HEX Chrome+, HEX Hot, and/or HEX Black Tour? Leave us a post in the comments section.

For more info on all of our golf balls, please visit our golf balls home page.


  • Sabuz says:

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  • Jarrett Russell says:

    My partner and I played in the inaugural Twin Lakes Golf Club Member/Member tournament yesterday. With a best ball format for the first nine holes and alternate shot for the second nine, we won it using the HEX Black Tour ball. Thanks again Callaway for making great products!

  • Ken Cara says:

    I’m confused as to what Callaway ball I should use. I current use the old HS Hot and really like it. What is it’s replacement ? Also, my swing speed is only about 95 – 98 m.p.h., my handicap is 11. I use Callaway woods, irons and driver. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:


      We asked Dave Bartels, our Senior Director of Golf Ball R&D, and here’s what he had to say:

      “Earlier this year we launched a new HEX Hot which you’ll really like if you’ve been playing the older HX Hot version. You’ll be able to notice better feel with longer distance.

      “If you’re looking for better cover shear durability and more spin around the green with the same distance of HEX Hot, then I would recommend upgrading to a ball with a urethane cover material like our new HEX Chrome+, particularly with your 95-98 mph swing speed.”

      We hope this helps.

  • Golfjoeblo says:

    I used to be a Titleist loyalist but I now play the Hex Black Tour religiously. Buidling on the Tour ix which got me interested I really think tt’s a fantastic ball and I feel it outperforms all the competitors. If you were to improve it i would suggest that I wonder if it does need to feel a little softer perhaps to aid feel near and on the green, perhaps less spin on chipping ie perhaps it could roll out a foot or two more and perhaps the down range spin on drives could be tweaked lowered. Anyway, constructive comments which are probably more technique related. I cannot see myself using any other ball at moment. Well done.

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:

      Thanks for posting! We like to hear feedback on our our equipment and we encourage constructive comments. What do you like most about HEX Black Tour’s performance?

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  • Chris Ednie says:

    Bought a new set of Razr X Tour irons last year and the pro there tossed in a couple of sleeves of the Hex Black Tour, a ball I have never played. I went out that spring to play 9 holes with my two brothers at our private club. On the fourth hole using the same ball, I hit a pitching wedge 140 yards and the ball spun back about 15 feet and dropped in for a hole in one. My first ever. From there I was sold on the Hex Black. Ball doesn’t only have spin and soft feel, it’s very long off the tee if you have the proper swing speed to get it out there. I swing the driver between 108 and 110 mph. Another added bonus is how durable it is. I’ve had multiple rounds of using only one ball – except for the hole-in-one round. I promptly put that ball in my bag and will one day make a display case of that achievement.

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  • Pam says:

    I am a big fan of the HX Hot Bite. Which HEX ball is best for me.

    • Laurent says:

      Hi Pam, the ball best for your is the Hex Chrome or Hex Hot Pro depending on your swing speed. If you are around the 80+ i recommend Hex Hot Pro 90+ Hex Chrome and 100+ Hex Chrome +

  • Mikel S says:

    Hex Chrome is my new ball! I like and formerly used the Bridgestone B-330 RX. I decided to try a dozen of Hex Chrome to compare the balls. I found that the Hex Chrome performance was very close to the B-330 RX. I actually seem to have slightly better flight control with my driver with the Hex Chrome. Thanks Callaway!

  • Gil Leonard says:

    Looking to try the Hex Chrome this weekend. I have read much about the ball. Seems like the perfect fit for my game.

  • Ken Eley says:

    I have played Titleist Pro V1 and V1X for many years. Recently switched to Hex Black Tour, and love it! Bought my first dozen, then bought another dozen. Will stick with them, absolutely love the way it performs for me.

  • Tyler Reilly says:

    I used to just reach my hand in my bag, grab a ball, and whatever I grabbed ball I grabbed I would use. I know this is bad to do, so me slowly becoming a Callaway fanatic, I tried HEX Chrome. I noticed my scores drop form the mid to high 90’s to the high 80’s and low 90’s. I’ve also noticed that I seem to have more control over the flight of the ball. I got my first eagle on a par 4 using HEX Chrome. This is the only ball I will use now. I love your quality you put into every product you guys make from clubs to balls, to gloves and bags. Everything is top quality. THANK YOU!!

  • Doug Kreighbaum says:

    I am always learning this game into the short 6 years I have been playing this game! I have played numerous makes and models, Bridgestone to Top Flight, Titelist to now Callaway. I have been a fan for awhile. Played the I(s) and now the Chrome. I have such confidence in my game now. I have come from easily high 90s to low 100s, now down to high 80s, sometimes lower! Thanks for a great product and name brand.

  • bste says:


    brand retail likely in July…

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    HEX Chrome , HEX Hot and HEX Black Tour Win Hot List Gold Medals | Callaway Golf Tour Blog…

  • Laurent says:

    HI, I am have a swing speed of 105 and play the Hex Chrome + Ball. I am a 3 handicap and 14 years old and play everything through and through callaway. I love the distance I get off the tee with this ball but it seems a touch harder to spin back or check up. Am I using the right ball and should I touch up on my technique or would it be stretching it to use the Hex Black Tour?

  • dennis says:

    My swingspeed with the driver is under 90-I play the Diablo, as it is a good value, and I think I will never benefit from all the tech from the multi-piece balls, and I still loose a few a round. I am 56, so my club speed will NOT be increasing , but I enjoy the game, and the Diablo gets down the fairway, passing up my partners who play more expensive multi-layered balls. Around the green, the Diablo has great feel and control, as long as you don’t blade it across the green. Great ball for distance, good feel, putts well. What else do you want a ball to do??

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