HEX Chrome+ – The Story Behind Our Fastest Tour Ball

By June 15, 2013Product News

“HEX Chrome+ is hands down the fastest Tour Ball we’ve ever designed at Callaway” – Dave Bartels, Senior Director, Golf Ball R&D

We’re anxiously counting down to Friday morning and the release of HEX Chrome+, our powerful 4-piece Tour performance ball. A dynamic new addition to the HEX Chrome family, HEX Chrome+ delivers high ball speeds for maximum distance at mid to high clubhead speeds, especially with the driver, and Tour-level control and feel into the green.

Now, you might wonder how our golf ball R&D team has pulled this off. The short answer is that they’re really good at what the do. As for the long answer, well that’s a little less straightforward, but the team has broken it down for us in a simple explanation.

HEX Chrome+ has a dual mantle that unlocks distance by increasing speed and minimizing spin off the tee, while the soft TPU cover promotes that Tour-level control and feel. Here’s how Dave Bartels, Senior Director of Golf Ball R&D, puts it…


“(HEX Chrome+) has a single-piece core and dual-mantle system that were designed in unison to create more ball speed with the longer clubs without generating excessive spin, leading to longer distance,” Bartels says. That’s pretty cool in its own right, but again, we’re talking about a performance ball here. Take it away, Dave…

“What makes the distance of this ball special is that it achieves the distance AND features a soft DuraSpin cover. This urethane cover material not only has great durability, but provides the exceptional ‘Tour-level’ control around the green that the best players in the world demand in a premium ball.”

Speaking of the best players in the world, Gary Woodland and Phil Mickelson are already using a version of the HEX Chrome+ ball in competition. And as PGA Tour rep Mike Sposa explains on Callaway Talks, the guys in the Tour Trailer are trying to keep up with all the requests.

So…it’s long off the tee, with Tour-level performance, and our staffers all love it. Sounds like a great Tour ball to us. Here are a few more key points on HEX Chrome+.

Features and Benefits


Fast Core 

The extremely resilient core leads to more distance over a wide range of clubs and swing speeds.

Dual Mantle

The thin inner and outer mantles work together to produce more ball speed and reduce spin for maximum distance, especially off the tee.

DuraSpin Cover

The soft cover promotes Tour-level control on shots into and around the green. The proprietary cover formulation uses a thremoplastic urethane (TPU) blend that’s highly durable.

HEX Aerodynamics

Our refined pattern provides exceptional aerodynamic performance, reducing drag and promoting a stable, penetrating ball flight that holds its line in the wind.

This 4-piece ball is available at retail April 19, and you can learn more on our HEX Chrome+ page and our golf balls home page.

Are you excited to try HEX Chrome+? Let us know in the comments section and tell us how the ball performs after you play it!


  • David Hong says:

    Just bought 4 dozen of Chrome + balls in yellow and white. Feels just as good as the HEX Tours and they’re a little cheaper. Can’t complain to that. Love Callaway gear.

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    HEX Chrome – The Story Behind Our Fastest Tour Ball | Callaway Golf Tour Blog…

  • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:

    Great to hear, David! How do you like the distance and control on HEX Chrome+?

  • dave lemery says:

    At what swing speed do you start receiving the benefit of the design?

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:


      Here’s what Dave Bartels, our Sr Director of Golf Ball R&D, has to say on this question:

      “There’s not a specific clubhead speed at which HEX Chrome+ becomes longer than HEX Chrome, it’s more of a gradual increase from low speed to high speeds. Ultimately, I would recommend using HEX Chrome for swing speeds below 90 mph and HEX Chrome+ for swing speeds above 90 mph.”

      We hope this helps, and Dave also provides a little more insight below…

  • james says:

    at 95 mph club head speed what would the difference would be

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:


      Here’s what Dave Bartels, Sr Director of Golf Ball R&D, has to say:

      “To answer this question we need to know a little more about the player’s swing. In general, if you’re a player who generates a lot of spin with your driver (slices, big draws, etc.) then you can find substantial distance increases with the lower spinning HEX Chrome, even though it has slower ball speed than HEX Chrome+.

      “If you can control your driver spin (hit lots of fairways, have dialed in your launch angle and spin, etc.) then you would see a much greater distance benefit with HEX Chrome+ because of its exceptional ball speed.”

  • james says:

    hello !!! may be my english is getting rusty … at 95 mph can you see any difference trying it out on the robot against the hex crome ???

  • dan says:

    95mph is way above the average golfer. if that is the benchmark, then chances are only a minority benefits

  • Marcus says:

    I’ve always loved the Pro-V1x but THIS ball blows it away, for a lot LESS money. Truth is, I would still prefer the HEX Chrome + if it cost the same as the Pro-V1s. It’s THAT good.

    Long, long, long off the driver, takes off like a .44 Magnum, but still feels soft around the greens, and will “Stick and stop” from mid- to short-irons.

    I found my new favorite ball.

  • james says:

    Dave ….bridgestone people got me on the monitor and these were the results : 96 mph smash factor 1.43 14degree launch angle 2700rpm …… 3 handicap ..loved the PENTA but it looses the colour very quikly … playing the hex crome and as bob rotella says “it is a game of yards and inches ” thank you people for helping golfers ,james

  • james says:

    dave …with those numbers wou think I should give it a try ????

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:

      “I would say with your 96 mph clubhead speed and those launch conditions, you should definitely try HEX Chrome+. You should experience a significant performance boost.” – Dave

  • Cole Mac says:

    I’m a high school player and we have regionals Monday. I love callaway balls. I usually play the hx diablo tour but I’m thinking of going to the hex crome for the better wedge shots. Would you recommend hex crome or Crome +
    I usually shoot mid 80s and a driver SS of around 95.

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    HEX Chrome – The Story Behind Our Fastest Tour Ball | Callaway Golf Tour Blog…

  • Robert says:

    My driver is at 95 mph with minor fade to slice when I have a bad swing. My irons are at 85 mph.
    I am looking for more green approach spin to help with stoping the ball. Driver distance is not a big concern.
    I only play Calloway clubs and balls. What ball would you suggest for more green side spin?

  • David says:

    Gentlemen, I’ve played the Pro V1 for years and switched this week to the Chrome+. I instantly took strokes off my round. Biggest upside to this ball, it SITS where you want it. No more balls running off the back of the green.

  • Jim Patterson says:

    Tried the chrome plus today- first iron shot spun back three ft and into the jar for an eagle. Shot even par in the western ma amateur- ball was great off the tee and held its line well off of the irons. Could work it very well

  • josh says:

    at 105mph club head speed with the driver should i just go straight to the chrome+ or are there still benefits in hitting the chrome?

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:


      Our SR Director of Golf Ball R&D, Dave Bartels, says that if you’re looking for distance and greenside control, HEX Chrome+ is the best choice for your swing speed.

      If feel is your biggest priority then HEX Chrome is much softer, which you may like. Dave says that in general, though, HEX Chrome+ is your best choice!

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