FT Optiforce – Fast Is Longer Than Slow

By July 2, 2013Product News

The new FT Optiforce is tops among our most aerodynamically efficient drivers ever, and it joins X Hot and RAZR Fit Xtreme as a third distinct product to help maximize distance and performance.

We’re also bringing out the new FT Optiforce Fairway Wood that’s designed to deliver more distance and ball speed for golfers. These new clubs will all be available July 12 at retail and on shop.callaway!

The FT Optiforce Driver has been measured with 23% less drag than a conventionally shaped driver*, it’s available in two different variations (440cc head and 460cc head), and it’s the first Callaway driver to offer loft and lie adjustability to optimize launch conditions.

Both options are designed for more swing speed; the 440cc head is built for golfers who are looking for a more penetrating flight and the 460cc head is built to produce an easy launching, high trajectory with more forgiveness. FT Optiforce focuses on four primary technologies to generate its speed and performance advantages.

Speed Optimized Technology.

As in 23% less drag. This driver was born from an aggressively aerodynamic prototype that we tested while exploring the aerodynamic flow during a driver’s entire downswing (sorry to get all technical on you, but there’s a payoff).

The end result is that based on its shape and construction, FT Optiforce is tops among the fastest and most aerodynamically efficient drivers we’ve ever brought to golfers, leading to increases in clubhead speed. Count it!

Fast configuration. The overall configuration, from the lightweight Forged Composite in the crown to the two stock shaft offerings (43-gram Project X Velocity primary stock shaft and 62-gram Mitsubishi Diamana+ secondary stock shaft), also contributes to the driver’s fast clubhead speed.

Advanced OptiFit Adjustability.

An Advanced OptiFit Hosel allows golfers to adjust the loft of the clubhead and the directional bias to either Draw or Neutral for optimum shot trajectory.

The 460cc head has a starting loft of 10.5° and can be adjusted down to 9.5° and up to 12.5° in 1° increments.

The 440cc head is slightly smaller, has a starting loft of 9.5° and can be adjusted to as low as 8.5° and as high as 11.5° in 1° increments while producing a slightly lower, more boring trajectory. These features are all built to optimize performance.

Speed Frame Face Technology. The additional clubhead speed generated by the aerodynamic shape and club configuration is then transferred to ball speed at impact with the Speed Frame Face.

This face technology is used to create a larger, more consistent sweet spot and fast ball speed, and it’s been a key feature in other 2013 Callaway drivers. It also saves weight that is redistributed in the clubhead to improve the CG position and maximize MOI, which leads to optimized ball flight and forgiveness. Translation: fast ball speeds all across the face.

FT Optiforce Fairway Woods

These fairway woods share similar construction to our wildly popular X Hot Fairway Woods; the key differentiator is that the FT Optiforce series is designed for higher trajectories. As Callaway SVP of Research and Development, Dr. Alan Hocknell, explains, “The FT Optiforce Fairway Woods are a powerful mix of the ball speeds of our X Hot Fairway Woods and the trajectory of our RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Woods.”

These new FT Optiforce options are available in 3-, 4-, 5-, 7- and 9-woods with a Forged Speed Frame Face Cup that produces significantly hotter responses all across the face.

Some other key points on the fairway woods:

– Optimized (or deeper) CG, through the Internal Standing Wave, delivers a higher launch with slightly more spin than the X Hot Fairway Wood for consistent distance from everywhere – the tee, fairway or rough.

– They have a higher MOI as well, which contributes to the forgiveness and consistency that makes these clubs easy to hit.

– These fairway woods come with two stock shaft offerings – a primary 53-gram Project X Velocity and a secondary Mitsubishi Diamana S+ option.

We’ll have more updates on FT Optiforce coming soon on our Callaway home page. Got a specific question on the driver or fairway woods? Post it in the comments section!

* 23% less drag claim based on calculated energy loss due to drag throughout the downswing of the 440 FT Optiforce model (9.5-degree) versus a Callaway X Hot Pro 9.5-degree driver.


  • Lee Otis says:

    With the fairway woods coming out in the above sizes, which is best for a 60 yr old with a 10 Hcp, a hybrid or the Fairway wood?

    • Mark says:

      The 4 wood, regular shaft is as good as any three wood. One great easy club to hit and gets the distance

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:

      Lee, here’s what Matt Haneline, our Associate Marketing Manager and one of our club gurus, had to say:

      “These fairway woods are extremely easy to launch, and typically players that sweep the ball hit fairway woods better than players who are diggers.

      “If you hit significantly down on the ball a hybrid could be a better alternative because it has the same design characteristics as an iron (shorter shaft, taller face, etc).

      “I would suggest, however, at least using a 3- or 4-wood off the tee and long shots from the fairway, and adding a 4- or 5-hybrid to replace the long irons for more distance and playability on long shots into the greens.”

      We hope this helps!

  • Rick says:

    Is there a senior flex available for the Optiforce?

  • Ted Sorich says:

    Is the ProjectX Shaft the “real deal” or proprietary?

  • Jack Elliott says:

    Are you offering a deep face 3 wood in Optiforce?

    I have the Hot X

  • scott says:

    I hit the opti 3 wood at a demo day Wednesday and it’s the best 3 I’ve ever swung. It was the project x 6.0 stiff. Gets up and it goes! Driver long. Great off the turf and awesome off the tee. I don’t hit 3’s well and have been looking for a gamer for a long time! Check it out asap.

  • Mark says:

    Bought one a week ago left the optiforce driver at factory settings hits straighter and 20 to 40 yes farther than my raz r driver love the feel love the performance my new saying will be its not me it’s the driver. Thankyou callaway

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