4 Callaway Questions For The 4th Major

We first tried this “questions” idea before the last major and look what happened; Phil Mickelson shot a historic final round 66 to become the Open Champion of the Year. Coincidence? Well, maybe but hey, we’re 1-for-1!

Anyway, here we are just three weeks later, getting ready for another major, Glory’s Last Shot, or as we like to call it just an exciting week of golf action.

We’ve got so many storylines and we’ve whittled them down into our top 4 topics for the 4th major. Here we go:

1. Will Mickelson Make It Back-to-Back Major Wins?

Yes, please. After going 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3 for four birdies over his final six holes, Mickelson left with a career-defining win and one of the best Sunday performances in major championship history. We got to enjoy the fruits of his labor back at Callaway HQ as Phil popped in for a surprise visit a few days later to say thanks to all of us.

We had so much fun sharing in the occasion and it’s hard to believe the final major is already here. But when you’re as hot as Phil has been this summer (back-to-back wins in Scotland, two runner-up finishes in June, up to No. 2 in the world) these tournaments probably can’t come around fast enough.

Another major win would get him to six total and push him even higher up the ladder among golf’s all-time champions. Go get ’em, Phil, and good luck to all of our Staff Pros in the field this week!

2. What are the most important clubs for this week?

This major is being played at an “old school” type of track where hitting the fairway is a must for good scoring. The kicker is that it’s a long course too and controlling the ball will be paramount for every player. So what we’re saying is, look for X Hot 3Deep and HEX Chrome+ to play a huge role this week!

Our Tour players have been quick to compliment the distance and control they’ve gotten from a HEX Chrome+, and Gary Woodland called it the best ball he’s ever played after his Reno-Tahoe win last week. On a course where the rough is penal and shot-making is so important, this golf ball lets players control the shot shape they went from the tee and up into the green.

As for X Hot 3Deep, well did you see what Phil did with it at the last major? Like the two bombs he hit to get home in two at the Par-5 17th that Sunday, his second shot from 308 into the wind, to essentially lock up the win.

Yeah, he hit both of those shots with X Hot 3Deep. It’s going to be a big club once again as players turn to it for penetrating distance and versatility that they can trust on this major layout. FT Optiforce could be a key player as well.

3. What Do You Think Of Our Major Bag and Coin?

Our design team has outdone themselves at every major this year with the Staff Bags our players use and the commemorative coins for each event. This new bag has a blue, white and gold design that should look great on the course and while you’re watching it on TV. From the August 2013 on the base to the stitching and everything else that’s gone into it, it’s turned out great.

We can’t say enough about the commemorative coin as well. It’s clean, simple and striking all at once. This is the final addition to our 2013 major championship coin collection, and we could go so far as to say it’s our best one yet.

4. Will Odyssey Make It A Perfect 4-for-4 In Major Putter Count Wins

Odyssey deals with the #1 a lot; it’s the #1 Putter in Golf, the #1 Putter on Tour, #1 in Tour wins around the world this year, and it’s looking to be the #1 Putter at all 4 majors this year.

After winning the count at Augusta, Merion and the third major, Odyssey is looking to make it a clean sweep in 2013.

Versa’s big wins and its position as the fastest growing new putter brand on Tour have stood out as some of the world’s best players continue to make the switch, while Tank has quickly grown in numbers on Tour.

Versa is still riding high off Woodland’s win last week (#1 Wide Black), Phil’s major performance (#9 White), and it was the #1 model last week at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, where 49 of the top 50 in the world teed it up. We’ll see on Thursday if Odyssey completes its own version of the grand slam.

You can get more of the latest insights from Callaway now on our Callaway Media Productions page. Enjoy the golf everyone!


  • wayne page says:

    I hope Phil wins

  • POW WOW Master says:

    Good luck Phil. Because it looks like you really need ‘luck’ to win it as your poor choice of two 3W is really destroying your course management…

  • Scott Miller says:

    I was not a big fan of Phil Mickleson, always admired his game, just not a favorite. However, the way I see him with fans, family, and Bones has turned me into a follower of Phil Mickleson. I remind you I have not disliked him just wasn’t a favorite. I admire his work ethic and dedication to his family more so than his golf. A great win for him and his family which I’m sure includes his brother Bones.
    Thank you Phil,
    Scott Miller

  • MATT MAXWELL says:

    I watch golf most of the time and like Phil the best of all players because like Jack [ the Golden Bear ] he never makes a excuse.Not, I didn’t have my ‘ A ‘ game nor I was there but just a little off.All these guys can win any week but very few do not make excuses

  • Larry Gunderson says:

    Go get em Phil, if any one can do it you can. I have faith in you . I am a big fan of good guy’s and Phil is the best of the good guy’s.

  • Phil will come strong and finish in the top three.

  • Phil will be in it using his three wood and his putter. His game will be strong in the two final rounds. He will finish in the top three

  • Linda Quirk says:

    I hope Phil wins he is always a good sport no matter what happens, even when he is playing a major tornament or a regular round of golf he always smiles and has good things to say about his component. I love him being such a good family man his family always come first. My husband and I have been following him so long we feel we are part of his family, we’ve watched his children grow and our love and prayers have been with him through his moms and wifes hard times. We will follow him as long as we are able. Love you Phil good luck on this major you always give a great performance no matter what!

  • Bernie Greenberg says:

    I am routing for Phil
    He would make a great
    PGA champion go team

  • John says:

    Would I like to see Phil make it, ‘back-to-back major wins’? Absolutely! He’s been an all-time favorite since following golf and players. (1) Will PhilMick make it back-to-back major wins? No, but I’d really like to be wrong! 🙂 (2) What are the most important clubs for this week? scoring irons (wedges) and the putter. (3) What do you think of our major bag and coin? It’s a nice cart bag (a little bulky), colors are OK (white is always tough to keep clean), the coin – no offense to our northern neighbors but the leaf and color looks too Canadian and not so ‘Augusta’ish – if someone gave it to me I might use it, but I wouldn’t buy it. (4) Will Odyssey make it a perfect 4 for 4 in major putter count wins? That would be very sweet and especially if it’s a #9 Versa! Go Lefty!

  • Top says:

    Phil’s our man. We hope he wins. He is a fine golfer and a real gentleman.

  • Art says:

    I am a big Phil fan how he treat the fans is far and above what you see today in major sport he sets the bar high in this category.Just when you think he is down he comes back strong. I am rooting for him.

  • Phil Is the David Beckham of golf, a family man always makes time for his fans and a true ambassador to the game. Sadly I have only seen him on TV but maybe one day I will get to see him at a Major or Rider Cup. I hope he wins the USPGA. good luck Phil from one left handed player to another. Keep making the DVD,s I am a fan and you have helped my game. Reg


  • Keith Adams says:

    Watched Phil yesterday, shakes start,but finished strong. Sounds like a familiar theme. Finish strong Phil just like Murfield.

  • M.Duchesne says:

    …..the bag is outstanding seems to be lightweight and pleasant to look at… is a nice design for a tour pro bag….she did not seem to bother for the weight good call there .
    We love you Phil !!! wath a great person you are…inspiring .

  • Terry Brennan says:

    How come Phil gets a XHot 3 Deep when it is not available to the general playing left handed public – what’s the point of having a left handed marquee/poster player?

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