Furyk 2nd With FT Optiforce, Odyssey Sweeps Major Putter Counts

Trusting a new FT Optiforce Driver he put in play just a few weeks before, Jim Furyk battled all the way to the end and finished alone in second place at the PGA Tour’s 4th major. He shot 65-68-68-71 that consistently put him near the top of the lead while other players rose and fell, particularly during the third round.

Furyk moved into his 440cc FT Optiforce just two weeks prior at the Canadian Open and then almost took home his second major championship. His gamer has a Fujikura Speeder VC 6.2x shaft tipped 1” with a finished length of 44 ½”.

The actual loft is 10.1° and the driver is set in the square/neutral setting and if his recent play is any indication, that driver is dialed in! For more on Furyk’s driver, check out our conversation with Tour Rep Mike Sposa on the new Callaway Tech Talk. Great playing, Jim!

Odyssey Sweeps The Major Putter Counts

Here’s some Tour validation for you: The #1 Putter in Golf was the #1 Putter at all 4 PGA Tour majors this year. After taking the putter count wins at Augusta, in Pennsylvania in June, and in Scotland, Odyssey won the count again last week to make it a perfect 4-for-4 in 2013.

Versa continued to lead the charge as the world’s best players relied on the high contrast alignment to drain more putts. Versa has had an extraordinary year that’s included its position as the fastest growing new putter brand on Tour, tournament wins all over the world, and Phil Mickelson’s major win with a #9 White model.

The numbers clearly show that at championship events, more players count on Odyssey time and time again.

Colsaerts Goes With X Hot 3Deep Over Driver. He’s That Long.

Nicolas Colsaerts, aka the PGA Tour’s longest driver, opted to leave his driver out of the bag last week and instead used an X Hot 3Deep at the major. His 13° model has 12.7° of actual loft, is cut to 43 3/8” with 1 ½” of tipping, and features an Aldila Tour Green ATX 85x shaft. So yes, he’s so long that he doesn’t even need a driver at some tournaments. That’s got to be fun!


Inside The Numbers On FT Optiforce

FT Optiforce has made an immediate impact on Tour with its high ball speeds, tight dispersion and its confidence inspiring look, among its other great features. Tour adoption has been fast and far exceeded all of our expectations to this point. There are a lot of numbers to explain its early success and we’ve picked some of our favorites in our new graphic above (it’s also on our Facebook page). Great stuff!

You can get more on the new driver in our Callaway Talks with SVP of R&D, Dr. Alan Hocknell. #ohitsfast

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