New Apex Irons – 7 FAQ You Want To Know

By September 25, 2013Product News

Happy Apex Irons introduction! You might have some questions, and we’ve got answers. Here’s a fun Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet we’ve put together with our R&D team to get you up to speed. For a more in depth look at the technology and specs behind these new irons, go visit our Apex Irons page now!

What’s the big idea for Callaway’s new Apex Irons?
Conventional wisdom has dictated that you can’t have extreme, radical performance in a forged iron. With Apex, the conventional wisdom couldn’t be more wrong. Now the paradigm has changed; Apex gives you distance and performance in a stunning forged iron design built to fit a wide range of players and handicaps.

Could you sum up the new Apex Iron in one sentence?
It combines technical power with the feel, precision and beauty you get with a forging. Boom!

If you want even more succinct: ultimate in forged performance. Double boom!

What are the most important features in Apex?

This is a technology driven iron at heart. The face material is actually the Carpenter 455 material we use in our X Hot Fairway Woods. So it gives Apex the ability to make the ball go fast. Very, very fast.

The technology is just one key piece, as the premium forged body gives Apex a look and feel that was once reserved only for players irons.

Ultimately, what makes Apex a first in golf is that it combines forging with technology and performance. Here you have a forged iron that is very long and also has the performance characteristics of a forged iron, in terms of the soft, responsive feel and the look that you get from a forging.

Good to know. Are there any other key features?

apex newOf course. For starters, the lightweight face allows our amazing R&D team to reposition weight low in the iron. By using a tungsten insert in the sole to lower the CG, we can improve launch angles of the low irons in the set (3-5) and add forgiveness.

So the combination of a high strength, lightweight face insert and this tungsten sole to lower the CG promote better ball speed performance and mass properties in Apex compared to the experience with an all stainless steel Game Improvement iron. This combo allows us to launch the ball at the right angles and spin rates for every iron in the bag.

One last point – the groove in this iron is a wide-spaced groove. It’s our first iron to use this groove, and it gives increased spin out of the rough for average golfers, who typically need to generate more spin on these shots.

What about critics who say there’s no way to make a forged iron a high performance iron?
Here’s how our SVP of Marketing, Harry Arnett might address that: “Well, people didn’t think we could go to the moon before we did that, either.” Our Callaway R&D team sees this area of iron development as a rich space to offer incredibly fast ball speed and distance in a beautiful forged iron package. What can we say? This iron is for real.

What sets Apex apart from what the other companies have out there right now?
We would first and foremost encourage you to try Apex against any other iron out there, including the ones with a pocket in their sole, to see the performance for yourself.

We use the same face insert material we use in our X Hot Fairway Wood forged cup face to give you a lot of ball speed, and what continues to set Apex apart is how we convert that ball speed to distance along with the technology we’ve outlined. And on top of all of that, it’s just a beautiful iron.

So basically this iron seems tough to categorize…
Apex changes the previous “rules” for forged and distance irons by making them into one, so yes, it can be really tough to categorize. It certainly doesn’t follow the expected progressions you might expect in the Game Improvement category.

If anything, it’s a longer, more attractive cousin to the Diablo Forged, which originated a category for high performance forged cavity back irons. So there you go.

Got any other questions on these new irons? Tell us in the comments section and we’ll get you an answer.

And again, for a more detailed look at the ultimate in forged performance, take a look at our new Apex page, featuring videos, info, and insights from our product experts!


  • jim meyers says:

    Excited about the new iron. How is the distance control and spin characteristics? What are the differences in the two stock shaft offerings? I am a 4 handicap and have more of a slower tempo swing with a driver swing speed of about 95mph. No issues with my accuracy just distance. What shaft and model would you recommend?



    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:


      Here’s what our Associate Marketing Manager, Matt Haneline said:

      Apex Irons feature our new High Performance Wide groove which gives you more consistent spin on shots hit from a variety of lies to improve distance control and consistency.

      Both of the stock shaft offerings will fit you nicely as your tempo is smooth; the decision will be if you want a heavier feeling steel shaft or lighter feeling graphite option.

      We hope this helps!

  • Richard Macko says:

    I am a 4 handicap and currently play the Diablo forged irons with graphite stiff shafts. I love the clubs but am concerned that the stiff shafts cost me distance. My driver swing speed is 95mph and I think I would be able to get better control with a regular flex shaft in irons. I currently hit my 8 iron 140 to 150 yards, my 7 iron 150 to 160. Can you give me your thoughts if I should consider the Apex irons? Will I achieve better distance and control with the Apex irons?

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:


      Here is what our Associate Marketing Manager and club guru Matt Haneline said:

      We think that you will be very impressed with the new Apex Irons, and if you like your Diablo Forged you’ll love these.

      They feature our new High Performance Wide groove, which gives you more consistent spin on shots hit from a variety of lies. It dramatically improves distance control, reduces “flyers” and helps with consistency.

      With a driver swing speed at 95, you are right in between both shafts. We recommend Regular Flex for clubhead speeds of 85mph–95mph and Stiff Flex for 95 MPH–105 MPH.

      Our best recommendation is to try out both shafts and see which one provides you with the best control and delivers the results you’re looking for.

  • STEVE says:

    I am sure the wil be a great iron…..Callaway does everything well….With the apex i would just make one comment to the marketing department……strongly consider the two red bands on the ferral…..this will truely give you the HOGAN LOOK…..a true mark of distinction

    I have been suggesting that you come out with the hogan line ever since you acquired the brand….frankly did not know you sold it off.

  • kyle stanely says:

    Hello, I’m a 2 handicap who currently uses your razr x musclebacks 1* upright with rifle 6.5 flighted. I LOVE them and have used callaway irons exclusively since the first set of x-14 pro series I bought when I turned 14 years old. With that said the musclebacks are the best iron I’ve ever hit and was considering purchasing another set before callaway changes their muscleback offering (anything in the works?) to make sure that I can keep swinging these great sticks going forward.

    However, I noticed Phil is now using the most recent version of the x-forged irons and my assumption is that its giving him the same characteristics with more forgiveness as the MB’s. So I’m considering those but now also consider the apex irons since I think they might be a nice mix between the x-14s that I loved and a forged blade. Any suggestions or thoughts would greatly be appreciated!

    p.s. any thoughts on what shafts the replace the rifle flight 6.5’s with? I noticed they are not longer a custom option in the MBs….

    p.p.s. 175 ball speed on the driver and smooth tempo swing.

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:


      The Apex Irons would be a great mix between the X-14’s and forged blade. Apex was really designed to give players tons of forgiveness traditionally found only in a game improvement iron, with the feel, look and shot shaping control traditionally found in a forged blade.

      On top of that we are going to be offering a Pro version of the Apex Irons which will have less offset, with a thinner top line and sole than the Apex, which sounds like it might be right up your alley.

      As far as the shafts go, the Project X Flighted 95 could be a great option, and don’t let the 95 fool you, it is still 110g and has plenty of stoutness to it. A secondary shaft offering you might also like is the C-Tapers from KBS.

  • Mike Minks says:

    I am a 10 hadicap and 70 years old, in good physical condition and currently play the TM Burner 2 irons with Dynamic Gold regular shafts. My problem is that I am loosing distance on most of the irons. I am playing the Callaway Rzr fir Extreme 3 & 5 woods and love them. Just pruchased withjin the past week a 460 reg shaft optifoce driver to replace my R9. I have been considering the new Apex Irons with grafite shafts. Any suggestions

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:


      The Apex Irons with the graphite shafts seem like they would be a perfect combination for you. Every aspect of these irons was designed around giving players more forgiveness, ball speed and better feel and control.

      The new UST Recoil shafts are some of the most high performing graphite iron shafts on the market and have even made their way into a couple of PGA Tour bags. We would recommend getting custom fit at any one of our retail partners’ locations for the best results, but we’re confident that you’ll be very pleased with the results.

  • Craig says:

    I am an 11 handicap and have been looking to change irons for a year or two. I currently play the Titleist 804 forged clubs and love them. My pro says they are de-lofted and that cost me distance. How would the Apex compare to my clubs? And with a swing speed of about 88mph can I get the shafts in regular steel or the I know Dynamic gold makes a stiff lite – can you get that?

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:


      While we have not done direct comparison testing against the model irons that you currently have, we have done extensive player testing in the handicap range that you currently fall into with forged clubs, and the results are pretty impressive.

      Most players have picked up 1 to 2 mph in ball speed as well as improved their launch conditions by launching the ball higher and with more spin, giving them more distance, more consistently.

      The standard steel shafts are True Temper’s latest lightweight offering and come in at 95g.

  • Phil-zy says:

    How do the Apex benefit a high handicap ?

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:

      The Apex Irons will have greater benefits for a high handicapper because of the amount of forgiveness that’s packed into these heads.

      The ultra thin, hot face insert provides tons of ball speed, translating into huge distance while the forged body delivers lots of perimeter weighting, increasing MOI for more forgiveness.

      The long irons feature tungsten soles which give these irons the lowest sweet spot of any in our line, which helps increase launch angles for higher shots that land softer into greens.

  • Jeff says:

    What is the difference between the apex and the apex pro and the legacy black?

    I am playing x forged 2007 project x 6.0. Have not tested anything that beats them on swing monitor. What do you think?

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:


      Good question. The Apex Iron is a multi-piece forging comprised of a high strength, ultra hot carpenter steel face insert forged to a soft carbon steel body.

      This gives you all the ball speed and forgiveness of a game-improvement iron with the soft, responsive feel that players expect out of a forged club.

      The Apex Pro is a one-piece forged comprised solely of carbon steel. It has slightly less offset and is a more compact head design than the Apex Irons, leading to more workability and shot control. Both the Apex and Apex Pro Irons have tungsten weights in the soles of the long irons.

      This increases the size of the sweet spot and makes the longer irons easier to hit. Legacy Black is similar in shape and construction to Apex Pro but it does not feature the tungsten soles and is a one-piece forging.

  • Wayne says:

    Love the look of the Apex irons. When will the demos start hitting the golf shops?

  • Peter Nicholson says:

    Low handi capper who plays with the XHot irons with the stock graphite, but it doesn’t give me enough launch loft. What graphite would you suggest in the 55-65g range?? Loved the feel of the original XForged irons from years ago.

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:

      The Apex Irons come stock with the UST RECOIL graphite shafts. These are extremely high performance shafts that have great feel and deliver higher launch angles. We recommend that you give these a try.

  • T. Sullivan says:

    I’m a 10 handicap with a driver swing speed of 90 mph. I switched from X22 Tour irons to RAZR X Black two years ago. Now, I’m considering going to X Hot Pro irons with the stock PX 95 shaft in 5.5. Would Apex be a better choice and, if so, why?

    T. Sullivan

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:

      While you really can’t go wrong either way we think the Apex Irons offer an additional dimension in performance.

      Apex Irons were designed to give you all the ball speed and forgiveness that you would find in a game-improvement iron but for the first time we’ve been able to do it in a forged offering.

      The Apex Irons also feature tungsten weights in the soles of the long irons, which is a new feature that makes the sweet spot larger, resulting in greater consistency.

  • M WENTZEL says:


    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:

      Don’t let the word “forged” fool you: these irons were designed with a ton of forgiveness built into them. They feature a high strength, ultra thin, steel insert that is forged to a forgiving soft carbon steel body.

      This creates a large cavity behind the face, which dramatically increases the forgiveness on off-center hits.

      These irons also feature tungsten weights in the soles, which make the sweet spot larger and launch the ball higher.

  • I am a 5 handicapper, age 64, slower swing speed, such as 87mph with a seven iron. I bought the xhot pro irons this season with the kbs regular steel shafts and really like them. What would I gain by buying the apex iron for my game?

    Grants Pass Oregon

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:

      For a player of your skill level you’ll immediately notice the difference in feel and control of these forged irons versus a cast iron.

      Our testing has shown players have picked up a couple miles an hour of ball speed versus previous irons sets; this leads to more distance, more consistently.

      The Apex Irons also feature tungsten soles in the long irons, which give them the lowest Center of Gravity of any iron in our line.

  • Randy Hockenberry says:

    I just turned 50 and currently play the Prototype Muscle back iron. My swing speed is around 105 with a driver and ball speed around 165. I hit my 8 iron 160 and looking for a replacement set of irons since I cant play these in competition due to the old grooves. I play 1/2″ long and 1 up using the project X 6.0 shaft. What Forged model would you recommend and what shaft ?

    Randy Hockenberry
    Peotone, Illinois

    • Callaway Golf Callaway Golf says:

      We recommend that you try out the 2013 X Forged Irons or the Apex Pro Irons. Both of these will deliver the performance you are looking for.

  • Joe Minkley says:

    I’m 60 years old with an 8 handicap. I hit my 8 iron about 150 yards. I currently play a set of x-12s that I bought in 1999. I love them but I’m ready for a new set now. The Apex looks great. I’ve tried a few different clubs and like the forged feel. What iron/shaft should I be looking at?

  • Laurence says:

    MIzuno mention that you need to take more care of forged versus cast irons with respect to cleaning, drying and rust prevention. Is that also Callaway’s view? I’m not a slob but not an obessive gear-polisher either!

    • Buck says:

      I think it’s more to do with Mizuno as I’ve had both Titleist and Mizuno forged and the Mizuno’s faces rusted quite a bit, no problem with the Titleists.

  • Zach says:

    I am thinking about replacing the long irons in my 2013 X Forged set with the Apex irons for some added forgiveness. Is it going to be possible to pre-order individual Apex irons, and when are pre-orders expected to start? Also, will the PXi shaft be an option with the Apex iron, and would it make sense and be possible to have the shafts soft stepped with +0.5 inches in length given that the Apex 5 iron (24° @ 38 inches) would be the appropriate replacement for the X Forged 4 iron (24° @ 38.5 inches). Finally, as I think about distance gaps matching, with the same loft (24°), shaft (PXi 4 iron), and club length (38.5 inches), approximately how much additional distance could be expected with the Apex iron relative to the X Forged if I am hitting the X Forged 4 iron 190-195 with medium to high launch and spin?

  • Caleb says:

    Thanks for the post. I have been wanting to replace my irons and I am not sure where to start. I have been checking these out and wanted to know more about them.

  • Joan R says:

    Will there be a lob wedge with this set also. Currently not seeing any specs for one.

  • Simon says:

    Hi there, does Callaway allow customers to order a mix of x forged and muscle back irons? Or apex pro and muscle back? Thanks

  • Eric Fankhanel says:

    Great looking irons. Can you please compare offset , sole width, and top line thickness with the X hot pro irons?

  • Pascal says:


    I currently play with a set of callaway legacy, how would the apex compare to the legacy?


  • Joe McCullar says:

    I am 62 yrs.old and a 4.8 index.I have hit both the Apex and Apex Pro,work at a Golf Store that has both in our fitting cart ready to use when they are in stock.I hit them with the Project X 5.5 shaft and was shocked at how solid and forgiving the Pro is.I will go with the Pro when it’s available an amazing club that is very workable and solid feeling.

  • Gloria says:

    Will you have the new Apex irons for women?

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