The 10 Best Big Bertha Photos

By February 12, 2014Headlines, Product News

We have two beauties in the new Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha Drivers and two incredible photographers in @HashtagChad and @AWS8, so you can see how we ended up with literally hundreds of great shots at our disposal.

We’ve shared a bunch of them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and it feels like every few days another great Bertha album pops up on one of our pages. That got us thinking long and hard about the absolute best photos we’ve done for our new #Berthalong drivers.

The only “problem” was – how could we cut it down to our absolute favorites? Easy, we left it all up to Chad! And as you’ll see in a minute, his “10 Best” List is right on the money. We in the Marketing Zoo Crew could look through these pics all day (we are golf nuts after all) but we’ve got to launch these drivers on Friday!

We’ve got work to do, but before we go we promised you some Big Bertha photos! Now, in no particular order, here are the 10 best.


1. Matteo Manassero and his Big Bertha Alpha




New Callaway staffer @ManasseroMatteo used Big Bertha Alpha for this photo at our 2014 Callaway Commercial Shoot. Now he’s playing the driver on Tour.


2. Jamie Sadlowski Puts On A Show




At the PGA Show Demo Day in January, Callaway LDA Team member Jamie Sadlowski wowed the crowd by hammering one drive after another with Big Bertha Alpha. Trust us, this particular drive went a long, long way.


3. Reed Wins With Big Bertha Alpha




Callaway staffer Patrick Reed used a Big Bertha Alpha to break the 54-hole scoring record in relation to par (27-under) on his way to a huge win at the Humana Challenge. This is just an amazing picture, no other commentary needed.


4. Long To The (Gravity) Core




Here’s an up close look at the revolutionary Gravity Core, which for the first time ever lets you adjust unwanted spin independently of launch angle, so you get completely optimized ball flights and longer distance.


5. The Technology To Help You Hit It #BerthaLong




The Adjustable Perimeter Weighting in Big Bertha and Gravity Core in Big Bertha Alpha (mentioned above) are on full display. The APW slide is why Big Bertha has 20% higher MOI for more forgiveness and a wider range of Draw and Fade bias options, which all amounts to longer, straighter shots.


6. Big Bertha In The Bag




What’s better than one Big Bertha Driver? How about two Big Bertha Drivers?


7. Big Bertha Alpha on the Tour Truck




Callaway Tour Rep, Mike Sposa is all business as he builds a new Big Bertha Alpha Driver on our Tour Truck.


8. Big Bertha udesign




Bertha’s back in udesign too, available in 8 custom colors. Create your own Big Bertha or Big Bertha Alpha udesign to represent your favorite team, school colors, or to just make one awesome looking driver. Look at how good all these turned out!


9. Alvaro Quiros Is All Smiles




Alvaro Quiros never goes more than a few minutes without smiling (from what we can tell) and when we put Big Bertha Alpha in his hands, you can guess how he reacted.


10. Big Bertha Alpha From The Beginning




It may not look like much now, but this molding will eventually become a Big Bertha Alpha Driver.


BONUS PHOTO: A Little Love For the Lefties




Here’s a shot of a left-handed Big Bertha Alpha. Phil Mickelson approves.

So there you have it – our 10 best photos (and one more for good measure)! We told you Chad did a great job!

Big Bertha, Big Bertha Alpha and the Big Bertha Fairway Woods hit stores this Friday. You can pre-order now or demo them at a golf retailer near you this weekend!

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