5 Questions On Apex Muscleback Irons

By August 19, 2014Headlines, Product News

If you’re reading this, then you know that Callaway has announced the new premium forged Apex Muscleback Irons (available for custom order only on September 12, pre-orders are available now). Here are answers to 5 important questions about these new blades.

1. Let’s start with a “big picture” question, what should we know about these irons?

Well let’s first address this question with a question, how good do these things look?! They’ve got a clean, classic look and shape that scream muscleback, and yet they also stand out aesthetically. Having a distinct visual appeal is important, but these clubs are made for elite, low handicap players, so of course they have to perform.

And perform they do – they’re premium forged designs that give players the shot-making precision they expect from a blade, along with the softest feel, optimized turf interaction and even playability. They look great, the technology and performance speak for themselves, and if you either play musclebacks or have thought of playing musclebacks, you need to put them in your bag.

2. So it does what a muscleback should do and gives you some playability too?

Correct, if you’re good enough to play blades you’re not looking for more distance, you want an iron you can control and shape shots with. You’ll get that precision from Apex Muscleback, and you’ll get optimized turf interaction and consistent spin from a lot of different lies. These irons give you the confidence to play any type of shot.

3. What are some of the key technologies?

We’ll start with the Tour Validated shape. Our PGA Tour Staff Pros had a lot of input on this design – they wanted a classic muscleback shape and a specific style, so that’s what we gave them.

We put in the same wide spaced grooves we used on Apex Pro Irons too to give players more control and consistent spin out of a variety of lies for shot-making and playability, which is really something when you think about it.

Then we get into the Forged Design – Apex Musclebacks are made from 1020 Carbon steel for the softest feel. We call it a “quad forged design” and aside from being a really cool name, it delivers the ultimate in craftsmanship and precision.

And to finish off the big features, let’s spotlight the Optimized Sole Camber. As you might guess, it’s a camber on the sole, and it’s where all that turf interaction comes from.

4. So the Tour Players had a big influence on these irons?

They certainly did, and we couldn’t be happier with all the feedback they gave us. A lot of the guys on the PGA play musclebacks so they know what they’re really looking for in these kinds of irons. Their comments were instrumental in the design and how they perform, and we expect to see a lot of these sets on Tour soon.

5. Nice, anything else we should know?

The Apex Muscleback Irons are available for custom order online, including on on September 12. As a special offer, golfers can also pre-order them now, and they come standard in a 2-PW setup.

For more on these irons take a look at our new Callaway Talks, and our new photo gallery.

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