5 Questions On The Big Bertha V Series Driver

By August 13, 2014Headlines, Product News

By now you’ve most certainly heard about the Big Bertha V Series Driver. So what all do you need to know about the new driver? That’s easy, we’ve got answers to 5 of the most important questions right here.

1. This new Big Bertha V Series Driver looks great. What’s the story behind it?

It’s a super lightweight driver that’s going to help maximize distance for players who want (or need) more speed. The aerodynamic design, lightweight materials, Hyper Speed Face, refined components, lower drag – all this technology is in Big Bertha V Series to enhance your speed. We’re talking faster swing speed and ball speed so that you hit the ball a long, long way.

2. I’m seeing the words “speed” and “lightweight” a lot. I’m guessing there’s a theme here?

You bet, that’s the Speed Optimized Technology in action. The Big Bertha V Series weighs as low as 290 grams for more clubhead speed. On top of that, the aerodynamic shaping lowers drag through the entire swing to give you…wait for it, more clubhead speed. A Hyper Speed Face produces higher ball speeds all across the face and the lighter Forged Composite material in the crown leads to higher swing speed and ball speed.

That’s where the distance comes from, and this driver is very forgiving too. You can hit it all over the face and it’s still going to be long and accurate off the tee.

And of course this driver offers OptiFit Technology with a combination of 8 different loft (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angle (Draw or Neutral) configurations to choose from. You get speed (lots of it), forgiveness and adjustability from V Series.

3. Callaway’s been a force in the driver category this year with Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha. So why come out with a new driver now?

Because in our minds, there’s more than one way to create maximum distance for golfers. No two players are the same, so while an extreme low spin driver like Big Bertha Alpha might maximize distance for one golfer, another golfer might need more speed to hit their longest drives.

On an individual level, Big Bertha V Series is likely THE choice for players with low swing speeds who want to create more speed to hit the ball farther. And from a “big picture” level we now have a lineup of drivers that bring different qualities to the table, but all of them are built to maximize distance. No matter what type of player you are, one of them is probably the perfect driver for you.

4. Okay, so only players with slow swing speeds should use this driver?

Not at all, in fact some of our Tour Pros have put it into play. It’s particularly built for lower swing speed players since they typically need more speed for more distance, but even Tour players can use more swing speed. This goes back to having a driver for every player, whether it’s extreme low spin, low spin with forgiveness, or speed, we’ve got options to help you maximize your distance.

Pat Perez with his new gamer. He's a fan.

Pat Perez with his new gamer. He’s a fan.

5. Let’s go over the specs. What can we expect?

Big Bertha V Series is available in 9°, 10.5° and 13.5° HT options. Each one is 45.5” with a 460cc head, the 9° has a Speeder 565 Shaft and the 10.5° and 13.5° HT have 42 gram Mitsubishi Bassara shaft. These drivers are available at retail August 22 for $399.

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  • Name Ed says:

    V series has a 45.5″ shaft. What about lenghtening it to a max of 47″? Does the head contain any Titanium? If so what type?

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