Big Bertha V Series – News and Photos From The Final Major

The Big Bertha V Series Driver has been our biggest newsmaker on the Callaway Tour Truck at Valhalla. Here’s an inside look at the driver and some of the Tour Pros who put it in play.

 Up Close In The Tour Truck 



An up close shot of a V Series in the Truck. All the requests for the new driver kept our Tour Reps plenty busy.

Perez Puts It In Play…



Our man @PatPerezGolf put a new 9-degree model in play for this week. When a guy who’s having a great year like Pat switches into a new driver at a major, you know it must have made a serious first impression.

…And It Looks Good In His Bag




With the new driver all set up, he’s got the full bag ready for Valhalla.

Everyone Loves A Pretty Face 


The clubhead on V Series is a thing of beauty. No other explanation needed.

Big Bertha V Series is in stores on August 22. You can learn more about the driver in this new “Who’s It For?” video and our new Explain This To Me.




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