5 Questions On Big Bertha Irons

By September 24, 2014Headlines, Product News

Here are answers to 5 key questions about the new Callaway Big Bertha Irons, available at retail 10/17.

1. In 140 characters or less, what’s the “Big” Story on Big Bertha Irons?

The Big Berthas can give you distance where you need it. And on top of that, they’re easy to launch with maximum forgiveness.

2. Really, that’s awesome?!

Yes, really. The key to that distance is the 360 Face Cup Technology, it’s the same face cup we use in our Fairway Woods and it’s the first time we’re using it in our irons. It delivers BALL SPEED (we’re going all caps on this one) all across the face.

When you hit it on the sweet spot, it’s faster. And when you don’t hit it on the center of the face…it’s still faster. You’re going to get speed on every swing from the Face Cup, and from some of the other technology in these irons (more on that in a second).

3. You said distance where you need it AND maximum forgiveness. How did you get both into a single iron?

Well, in addition to the 360 Face Cup, we’ve put all of our best technology into these irons. The face is more flexible to help the ball jump off the club with some serious ball speed, and it adds forgiveness too.

The real key to maximum forgiveness, though, is the Internal Standing Wave – it lets us put the weight where we want it so we can make the CG low and forgiving, all without eliminating ball speed. Your shots will launch higher and go farther with this high MOI.

One other technology feature that you’ll notice right away is the advanced, appealing look these irons have. The sole designs are what you want to see – wider in the long irons to give you confidence on clubs that are typically harder to hit, and smaller in the shorter irons because you can consistently hit those well.

Big Berthas are in a class of their own when you factor in all the huge distance, ball speed, the fact that they’re easy to launch, and packed with technology.

4. We’re used to bold distance claims by now. Why should we believe these numbers?

Look, we understand the skepticism; we’re golfers too. But time after time, the data testing and the PLAYER TESTING back it up.

If you’re not totally a believer, here’s what we want to encourage you to do…go test these irons and see it for yourself. Hit the Big Bertha 6-iron against your 6-iron, or the 7-iron against your 7-iron, whichever clubs you want to put it up against, and just look at the difference in ball speed and distance. We’re prrreetttyyyyy confident that you’ll see what we’re talking about.

5. Okay, I’ll definitely have to give these irons a look. Anything else I should know?

The Big Bertha Irons are available here at and at retail on October 17. You’ll also have the option to replace your long irons with our long and adjustable new Big Bertha Hybrids.


  • ivan Rihoy says:

    i curently play with Titlist AP1 Pitching wedge to 5 Iron Hybrids 27, 24 and 21 plus 5 wood and driver i only hit my 7 iron 120 yards my swing speed is not fast my handicap is 16 and I am retired at 68 and love my golf
    However I am having poor scores what do you suggest
    Ivan Rihoy

  • Danny says:

    Just to be sure, did both 6 irons have the same loft? Or does
    the Callaway 6 iron just have a lower loft?

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