5 Questions On The Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

By October 7, 2014Headlines, Product News

Here now are answers to 5 of the biggest questions about the new Big Bertha Alpha 815 Drivers, available in stores on 11/13.

1. What’s different about the Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver?

For starters, it ushers in a brand new driver category. It’s a low spin driver and automatically you’re probably thinking, “Okay, I like the distance from low driver spin, but forgiveness is probably out of the question.” Well that’s why Big Bertha Alpha 815 is a pioneer – it doesn’t compromise between the two.

Instead of making you choose between distance and performance from low spin or forgiveness, it’s changed the paradigm by giving you maximum distance from low spin AND forgiveness in one club.

2. Whoa, low spin with forgiveness! How did you do that?

Let’s start with our RMOTO technology. It’s new, it’s groundbreaking and it provides the structure to save weight and allow for an ultra thin face. Because of RMOTO, we can produce a larger, more forgiving clubhead while maintaining a lighter swing weight and a lighter overall club weight.

This face also maintains stability while elevating smash factor. So you get more efficient energy transfer, higher ball speed and forgiveness from a lighter, stable face.

3. RMOTO, got it. What else did you do to maximize distance from lower spin?

Big Bertha Alpha 815 has the Gravity Core that helps create our patented CG adjustability. You can move the CG height up or down, optimizing your ball speed locations to where you normally hit the ball on the face. With this setup, you can move the CG low (or high) without moving it forward.

There’s the Forged Composite crown too that saves weight. The short story is this: we’ve used all our best driver technologies for a very, very low spinning driver that’s also very forgiving, with a hot face too.

4. Nice! I assume this driver has adjustability, correct?

You bet! The 7 gram and 1 gram weight ports allow you to set the driver to a neutral, draw or fade bias. And our OptiFit hosel provides 8 ways to adjust loft, lie and face angle. You can really control your shot shape with this driver.

5. You weren’t kidding, this driver is in its own category. Anything else we should know?

For the Big Bertha Alpha 815, the distance from low spin, playability and our multi-material technology make this a complete, uncompromisng driver that most golfers can and should play. It’s available online, including at, on 11/13 and is priced at $449.99, with 9°, 10.5° and 12° options.

We encourage you to connect with a fitter and find out if low spin with forgiveness in the Big Bertha Alpha 815 is the right pathway for you to achieve more distance.

And for more on Big Bertha Alpha 815 and the new Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond, take a look at our new pathways to distance page.

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