Gold Rush! Callaway Wins The Most Gold Medals (18!) On The 2015 Hot List

By January 23, 2015Headlines, Product News
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The 2015 Golf Digest Hot List is out and here’s a brief synopsis – Callaway racked up 18 gold medals (that’s 6 more than any other company), our drivers blew everyone away, and the panelists loved our new product lineup!

It’s tough to fit in all the good stuff that the Hot List team said about our products (#1 in gold medals, #1 in overall medals, most performance stars, etc.) but we’ll do our best to give you a quick recap with all the big accolades. And a special kudos goes out to XR, Big Bertha Alpha 815 and Odyssey Works for dominating this year!


Gold Medal Winners: XR/XR Pro, Big Bertha Alpha 815/Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond, Big Bertha V Series

The Highlights: Most driver gold medals for any company, most combined performance stars of any company.

Our Favorite Quote:

On the XR Driver – “It powers through the ball like the ball isn’t even there.”



Gold Medal Winners: XR/XR Pro, Big Bertha Alpha 815

The Highlights: XR was the only fairway wood to receive a 5-star score for performance, Callaway won the most gold medals in the category.

Our Favorite Quote:

Quotes are great, but XR getting the only 5-star performance rating in the category, well that speaks for itself.



Gold Medal Winners: XR/XR Pro

The Highlights: The XR Hybrid scored a 5-star performance rating. We’re starting to see a pattern here for the XR Family.

Our Favorite Quote:

On the XR Hybrid: “I hit all kinds of shots. This made me feel like a good player.”


Gold Medal Winners: XR, Big Bertha, Apex

Highlights: With a gold in the irons category, every XR club won a gold in the Hot List, Apex and Big Bertha earned 5-star performance ratings too.

Our Favorite Quote:

“Distance is plentiful with these irons.”



Gold Medal Winners: Odyssey Works, Metal-X Milled, Tank Cruiser

Highlights: Most gold medals in the blade putter category, most combined performance stars

Our Favorite Quote:

On Odyssey Works Blades: “This putter makes a pure sound, and it has all the roll you need.”



Gold Medal Winners: Odyssey Works, Tank Cruiser, Metal-X Milled

Highlights: Most gold medals in the mallet putter category, most combined performance stars

On Odyssey Works Mallets: “The feel and balance together make it easy to have good distance control.”

Oh, and the Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind Wedge won a gold medal too.

So to recap: 18 gold medals, the most total medals and another amazing performance for Callaway in the Golf Digest Hot List!

For more on XR, take a look at our XR Family home page.

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