4 Burning Questions on XR Irons

The hype is real everyone. XR Irons are built for players looking for more speed without sacrificing forgiveness. To help you better understand the incredible technology, we answer a few questions you might have about XR…

1. There’s a lot of talk and momentum for XR Irons. What has golfers’ attention?  

The short answer is that this iron is built for outrageous speed, and it delivers. This, folks, is the first high speed, cavity back, cup-faced iron. Speed is the most important word and as you’ll read in a minute, we’ve taken the face cup technology that’s in our award-winning fairway woods and brought it to our irons for ball speeds that are turning heads in fitting bays across the country.

And when you combine the 360 Face Cup with the other innovative technology in XR, you get outrageous distance.

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2. How, exactly, do the 360 Face Cup and the XR club design promote distance like this?

This improved face cup increases ball speed all across the face. This is in part a product of its incredibly engineered two-part design. We have smart people on this, folks. All day, every day.

That ball speed advantage applies whether you hit the ball low on the face, high on the face, right in the middle of the sweet spot, off the heel, off the toe, and so on and so forth. Wherever you hit it on the face, it’s going to increase ball speeds.

And when you factor in how the face cup works with the Internal Standing Wave (see next question), you really understand how the fast face leads to all that ball speed. But when you REALLY buy in is when you hit them. So what are you waiting for?

3. Internal Standing Wave has had a huge impact on the performance of Callaway’s recent fairway woods and hybrids. How does it fit into XR Irons?

It’s a real team player — it lowers CG and increases MOI to help translate the ball speed in to additional distance for you, and what really stands out here is how it interacts with the face. The Internal Standing Wave gives the face cup the freedom to increase ball speed.

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4. OK, what other design features should we know about?

The refinement and attention to detail we put into the XR Irons really stands out when you take a look at these clubs. You can tell by the 2-piece construction (which includes a dual heat treatment) that we didn’t stop until we got everything just right with these irons. This is the kind of precise, meticulous craftsmanship that XR deserves. That your game deserves!

Of course, we also brought out the XR Pro Irons that have the 360 Face Cup, Internal Standing Wave and the 2-piece construction with dual heat treatment. They have a refined iron shape as well for better players, with a more compact head shape that features a thinner topline, and a narrower sole width.

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