Chrome Soft: The ONLY BALL To Win 5 Stars For Performance, Innovation & Feel

Well, the 2015 golf ball hot list has absolutely validated Chrome Soft’s tagline – it’s the ball that changed the ball. Chrome Soft received 5 out of 5 stars for performance, feel and innovation and as you’ll see in a minute that’s a big, BIG deal.

You can tell we love all the 5 star ratings (who wouldn’t?!), and here’s where we’ll really get your attention…Chrome Soft was THE ONLY BALL that achieved a perfect score for all three of those categories (performance, feel and innovation)!

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To put that into greater context: 30 golf balls received a medal, and many, many more were submitted for review. And yet after all the extensive player testing by the Hot List panel, this was the only one to earn that distinction. Did we mention this is a special golf ball?

Callaway golf balls won four gold medals overall, including a phenomenal showing for Supersoft. You can check out the full results in the upcoming June issue of Golf Digest.

Here’s a closer look at the numbers, the accolades, and some of our other favorite highlights from the Hot List:

4 gold medals for Callaway golf balls (Chrome Soft, Supersoft, Speed Regime and Super Hot).

100% of the golf balls we submitted won gold. We had 4 golf balls in the Hot List, and we got 4 gold medals. That’s easy math right there!

5 stars for feel – Chrome Soft and Supersoft. These two low compression balls impressed with their great feel, and both received the highest possible score in this category.

5 stars for performance – Chrome Soft and Supersoft. We don’t need to give too much of an explanation. When a golf ball earns the highest possible score for performance, it must be doing something right.

5 stars for innovation – Chrome Soft. Our mad scientists in the R&D department somehow made a golf ball that combines low spin for maximum distance off the tee, low compression for incredibly soft feel off the irons, and great control around the green. It really is the ball that changed the ball. That’s pretty innovative stuff, if you ask us.

Hot List Quotes

On Chrome Soft: “A soft, low-compression ball for Tour players and the everyman at an appealing price.”

On Supersoft: “Callaway’s lowest compression ball ever means less spin on tee shots. A soft cover helps feel.”

On Speed Regime: “Each of the three models (SR 1, SR 2, SR 3) has an aerodynamic design for a specific swing-speed range.

Congrats to the golf ball team for all of these gold medals. For more on Chrome Soft we’ve got these exclusive videos that show how we make them at our plant out in Chicopee, Mass:

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