Callaway Irons Are the #1 Selling Irons in 2015

Let’s start off with some really, really, really good news: Callaway is the #1 selling iron brand so far in 2015.

Our great lineup of irons like XR, Big Bertha and Apex have done incredibly well, and while we’re excited to say that we’re #1, we’re even happier about all the stories we’ve heard from golfers – like when they shoot their lowest round, pick up significant distance, or enjoy the game even more.

We’re proud of holding the top spot in the category, and here now is a look at some of the products that have made us the best-selling iron brand this year:


Sum It Up In One Sentence: We took the Cup 360 that’s redefined ball speed in fairway woods and brought it to irons.

Why Golfers Love It: This is the first high speed, cavity back, cup-faced iron. The face cup technology increases ball speeds all across the face, the Internal Standing Wave moves weight lower and adds forgiveness, and XR has precise, meticulous craftsmanship from a 2-piece construction and 2-piece treatment. It’s designed for distance where you need it for every iron in the set.

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Sum It Up In One Sentence: Unprecedented distance from A 360 Face Cup, maximum forgiveness and an advanced, appealing look.

Why Golfers Love It: Our Cup 360 face technology creates higher ball speed all across the face, and these irons give you maximum forgiveness so your shots will launch higher and go farther. The face is also more flexible so the ball jumps off the club with plenty of ball speed, and the sole designs are wider in the the longer irons for additional confidence and smaller in the short irons, which are easier to hit.

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Sum It Up In One Sentence: Forged distance irons with ultimate performance.

Why Golfers Love It: What’s not to love about a forged iron that gives you great distance and ball speed? The feel on Apex is incredible, they’re long, and they provide a combination of performance and playability for a wide range of players.

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A big congratulations goes out to our R&D team on this accomplishment! And thanks to all of you for helping to make us the #1 Iron Brand in Golf this year!

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  • TVMAN says:

    Four years ago I moved from my X-12’s with RCH 96 shafts to the Razr-X irons with Project X shafts, and I was satisfied with the result. Last month I purchased the Apex Irons, my first forged irons, and I have picked up over 5 yards with the Recoil shafts. I am 64, noticed how I was slowly losing distance, and thought I’d try the Apex, the Bertha Mini Driver, and the Chrome Soft ball. My drives are approximately 240-250 yards, and my seven iron shots are 155 yards. No complaints with Callaway products.

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