7 Quick Questions (And Answers) On The Great Big Bertha Driver

By August 18, 2015Headlines, Product News

The Great Big Bertha Driver is back. Let’s quickly take you through seven questions and answers on the new driver that’s built to LEAVE NO YARD BEHIND.

1. What Do I Need To Know About Great Big Bertha?

This advanced adjustable driver is built to get the most distance for ALL golfers. With its high ball speed from next gen R*MOTO Face Technology, the head speed from our light, fast multi-material chassis, the 4 available weight classes, and the forgiveness and control from Adjustable Perimeter Weighting, it’s a driver that’s designed to get every last yard out of your swing.

2. Why Is It So Beneficial To Have Adjustable Perimeter Weighting?

The 10 gram weight on the perimeter of the clubhead adds stability and you can easily slide the weight to a position that gives you more dispersion control (high or low ball flight along with left or right ball flight). When you reduce dispersion, you can control your ball flight better (think fewer hooks and slices), and hit your drives on the right line so they go father. And with the sliding weight, you have virtually unlimited draw and fade bias options and more additional draw bias than ever before, all without sacrificing forgiveness.

3. How Does The Multi-Material Chassis Lead To More Distance?

This is the best combination we’ve ever had of an aerodynamic head shape and multi-material lightweight club design. The aerodynamics on Great Big Bertha are the key component to generating faster clubhead speed, which of course leads to more distance. And GBB has a wide range of weight classes (295g, 305g, 315g, and 325g) to suit every swing type.


4. Having 4 Different Weight Classes Sounds Great. How Does It Help Me Specifically?

Different players and swing speeds require different weight classes to give them the optimal balance of speed and control off the tee. Tour players and low-handicap amateurs already create a lot of clubhead speed, so they are likely to benefit most from a 325 gram weight class that can maximize control. And on the other end of the spectrum, a player with a slow swing speed will probably want the ultra lightweight 295 gram weight class to maximize their speed.

5. The Weight Class Is Determined By Your Shaft Weight, Correct?

That is correct. You want to dial in the right shaft for your swing and with Great Big Bertha we have 19 premium custom shaft options available at no upcharge. You have a great selection to choose from and we recommend that you get a custom fitting to find the perfect option for you.

6. You Mention Custom Fitting A Lot With Great Big Bertha. Why Should I Get Fit?

Studies show that golfers, on AVERAGE, are leaving 20 yards on the table because their driver is not fit to their game. Fittings might have the perception of taking very long but they actually go quickly and can help any golfer. We’re extremely confident that when you go get fit for Great Big Bertha at a fitting location near you, you’re going to be blown away by how far you hit it.


7. And Last But Not Least, Do You Have The OptiFit Hosel on GBB?

We sure do. This is really simple adjustability with 8 different configurations to tune your loft, lie, and face angle. It’s another valuable addition to Great Big Bertha, and it will help you find the right launch angle and shot shape to get the most distance out of your swing.

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  • paul schmidt says:

    Is the tightening of the gravity core retaining nut on the 815 apha driver suppose to produce a “click” to ensure it is secure? My club just seems to not do this.

    • Scott Goryl says:

      Hi Paul. Yes, you should here a distinct click sound to alert you that the nut is properly sealed. Please call customer service during normal business hours and we’ll be happy to help. 1-800-588-9836

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